Husqvarna is celebrating 60 years in the Chainsaw business. Chainsaws have come a long way from humble beginnings to the powerful and efficient tools they are today.

Throughout all these years, Husqvarna has focused on its DNA with a strong emphasis on usability, performance and manoeuvrability.

“We are very proud of our heritage as a global manufacturer of chainsaws. We first started developing chainsaws when we saw a decrease in motorcycle sales in the 50s and were looking for new opportunities. It’s an example of how Husqvarna has tested and developed new innovations over decades, from guns in 1689 to class leading chainsaws in 2019,” says Pieter Smuts, Country Manager for South Africa.

The first Husqvarna chainsaw was the 90cc Husqvarna MS90. It was the first orange Husqvarna product and just like most Husqvarna’s chainsaws today, it was produced in Huskvarna, Sweden. With the launch of Husqvarna MS90, the company not only introduced its first chainsaw, but they also created a product with noise levels half of what competitors could offer due to a unique muffler design.

Since then, Husqvarna perfected the anti-vibration mechanism with the Husqvarna 180. The model was a huge success, kickstarting exports to the North American continent.

A major breakthrough came in 1973, when Husqvarna, concerned about safety issues, created the automatic chain break. Safety standards were effectively established by Husqvarna’s revolutionary design. Thousands of injuries were prevented as a result of this discovery.

In 1980, Husqvarna launched the Husqvarna 40, a chainsaw made of lightweight composite materials. Its compact design and reduced weight meant it could be used for longer periods of time. In 1999 TrioBrake was introduced, enabling users to activate the chain break with their right hand – further improving safety.

Husqvarna revolutionised the chainsaw industry once again by introducing the world to the AutoTune function. The innovation, introduced in 2009, regulated fuel flow automatically, optimising performance and minimising exhaust emissions.

In 2012, Husqvarna introduced battery powered chainsaws with petrol performance; lightweight, quiet and free from direct emissions. Four years later, Husqvarna developed the company’s first line of chainsaw chains, X-Cut., which are produced in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Huskvarna.

Still leading the industry today, Husqvarna takes the modern chainsaw to the next level. Beginning with the 2016 X-Cut Saw Chain, Husqvarna offered a new cutting experience that resulted in higher efficiency.

The future of the chainsaw industry lies with those who know what their customers need; those who know how to deliver, while always looking for new ways to innovate and drive the industry forward. Husqvarna strives to create chainsaws that cut more, longer and better. Success does not slow down innovation.

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