The Qakwini reservoir is an oasis on this hot afternoon.

The drought continues to deplete water resources, especially around Paulpietersburg, Piet Retief and in northern Zululand.

Mondi and SiyaQhubeka Forests have been co-ordinating efforts to provide emergency water supplies to communities, schools and clinics in these areas, as the taps have run dry. In some instances, people come running to fill up their containers with the precious liquid as soon as the Mondi water tankers arrive.

“The programme kicked off in July and involves the delivery of water to communities hardest hit by the devastating drought – namely Nkundusi, Qakwini and Mfekayi,” explained Mondi/SQF Land Manager Sbu Msomi. “The water is sourced from SQF boreholes, and is safe for drinking.”

In this photo-essay, a SQF tanker delivers water to Qakwini village near Dukuduku.


The SQF fire fighting truck arrives in Qakwini.


Driver Alepheus Nkalane connects the hose to the reservoir and begins replenishing the water reserves.


School children and community members come from far and wide to investigate.


An overjoyed community member collects water.


Alepheus and the local kids – thumbs up for a job well done!


Image © Samora Chapman

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