12th January 2015

Agri-boffins have their roots in timber

Driving around the rural towns of KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and even into the Eastern Cape, you are likely see the TWK

30th November 2014

Backbone of the southern Cape rural economy

In the forest industry the smaller players are often overlooked, while the larger enterprises tend to get most of the

30th November 2014

Mpumalanga-based contractor mechanises with Bell and John Deere

A Mpumalanga based timber harvesting contractor, with a healthy appreciation for the numbers involved, has gone full circle from manual

30th November 2014

NCT acknowledges Top Tree Farmers for 2014

Two family-owned and run farms have taken top honours in the 2014 NCT Tree Farmer of the Year Awards. NCT’s

07th August 2014

CMO expands its services in Forestry

The College for Machine Operators, better known in the forestry industry as ‘CMO’, has been restructured and expanded to provide

14th December 2013

More hardwood required as Sappi shifts to dissolving pulp

Sappi is shifting its South African timber resources into the production of dissolving wood pulp to meet growing demand for

13th September 2013

New challenges in forestry contracting

Idube Forestry, with support from Mondi Zimele, is navigating a path through the changes and challenges that are sweeping through

02nd March 2013

Singisi: Balancing forestry and community

Balancing the demands of forestry and sawmilling in a highly competitive industry with the need to uplift stakeholder communities and

01st November 2012

NCT commercial tree farmer of the year

Outstanding RF Gevers tree farming operation in Vryheid wins prestigious NCT award. Hagen Gevers receives his award from NCT Chairman

26th June 2012

UFP’s Entrepreneur of the Year award

United Forest Products (UFP) is a small timber marketing company with a big future. It was launched in mid-2010 to

23rd February 2012

Forestry on city edge

There are unique challenges to running a forestry operation on the edge of a major city, but Pietermaritzburg and NCT

19th December 2011

Growing timber for the pole market

Harding Treated Timbers has branded its product to take advantage of a vibrant local and international pole market. The team

31st December 2010

Pellet plant raises ‘green’ opportunities in South Africa

There are power plants and heating plants in Europe running on 'green' fuel shipped all the way from South Africa.

31st October 2010

Harvest, mulch, pit and plant

Steve Glutz and Horst Hellberg have established a new company, Enviro Mulch, which aims to offer mulching and biomass harvesting

31st August 2010

Hilton farm wins NCT Tree Farmer of the Year award

Hilton College, one of South Africa's leading private schools, is best known for its academic excellence, holistic education, and the

30th April 2010

Building a business the Bracken Timbers way

Bracken Timbers is a privately owned forestry and agriculture business that started way back in the 1920s when the Hill

28th February 2010

MTO Forestry: balance between forestry and conservation

With droughts, floods, fires, baboons, elephants and fynbos to contend with, MTO Forests has the challenging responsibility of managing extensive

31st October 2009

Motor-manual system works for contractor

Leonard Kheswa obtained his agricultural diploma at the then CWAKA Agricultural College near Empangeni and then joined Sappi Forests as

28th February 2009

The role of cattle at Lion Match Forestry

SA Forestry Magazine was invited to visit Lion Match Forestry's beautiful Clifton estate near Lothair in Mpumalanga to meet their

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