Ponsse's 19,000th forest machine delivered

The 19 000th forest machine to roll off the Ponsse factory floor will be put to work clearing windblow in the Scottish woods.

The Ponsse factory in Vieremä, Finland, has delivered its 19,000th Ponsse forest machine to Scottish-based customer Elliot Henderson Ltd. The Ponsse Scorpion Giant harvester with H8 harvester head will work at logging sites in the Scottish Borders and Lowlands forests.

Elliot Henderson Ltd is based in Selkirk in Scotland. The company was established more than 35 years ago, planting trees by hand with a small team. Over the years, the business has grown and diversified into forestry, construction, and scaffolding. Today, Elliot Henderson Ltd owns more than 40 forest machines which can undertake clear fell, thinning, steep ground harvesting operations, ground preparation or the construction of forest roads. They also do site brash clearance, stump removal and servicing of the biomass industry.

With Elliot Henderson Ltd being a long-standing customer for well over 20 years, it’s a fitting tribute to the relationship between the customer and manufacturer that the landmark 19,000th machine is joining their fleet.

“Elliot Henderson Ltd has always been at the forefront of new machine releases over the years, which in turn keeps the harvesting fleet productive and at the vanguard of innovation,” says Neil Purves, Director of Harvesting for the Elliot Henderson Group. “We are excited to be adding this Scorpion Giant to the fleet. This machine will go straight to work in the windblow resulting from Storm Arwen and we feel the extra power and H8 head will benefit us in this application. We look forward to seeing what it can do! We are currently running PONSSE Scorpion, Ergo, three Elephants and one Buffalo,” he said.

The PONSSE Scorpion Giant is a versatile harvester designed for working in demanding conditions. It can be equipped with either the H8 harvester head or with any of Ponsse’s smaller harvester heads.

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