SAFCA NPC broadens its focus to pursue new opportunities

Pamela Naidoo (left) is heading up the Forestry & Agriculture Training Organisation. Dwayne Marx (right, SAFCA CEO).

The SA Forestry Contractors’ Association NPC has stepped out of the shadow of the SA Forestry Contractors Association to give it more freedom to pursue business opportunities in the forestry training, capacity building and career development space within the forestry and agriculture sectors.

The SAFCA NPC will retain the same registration and bank account etc, but will change its name to Forestry & Agriculture Training Organisation (FATO), and will be headed up by current SAFCA NPC Director Pamela Naidoo.

Although the SAFCA Association and SAFCA NPC have always been independent legal entities, they have operated side by side in the same stable, essentially serving forestry contractors. SAFCA NPC has its origins in a Forestry Contractors Productivity Initiative launched more than 20 years ago, getting involved in training and facilitation.

Now from 1st July 2023 it will operate independently of the SAFCA under the Forestry & Agriculture Training Organisation banner. According to Pamela Naidoo, the company will continue its work in the management of contractor worker and other training programmes, co-ordination, facilitation, skills, qualification and career development for the forestry industry, but will broaden its scope to include similar work in the agriculture sector.

“The establishment of FATO enables us to broaden our client base beyond forestry contractors and to pursue new opportunities with other stakeholders in our industry as well as beyond,” commented Pam.

Any existing legal contracts and agreements in place will not be affected by the move.

“SAFCA will continue to engage and maintain a positive working relationship with FATO as the training and development of our members and staff remains vital to the sustainability of our industry,” concluded SAFCA CEO Dwayne Marx.