23 060 trees planted by hand in 24 hours

A 22-year-old Canadian tree planter, Antoine Moses, has set a new world record for planting 23,060 trees by hand in 24 hours. That means he planted one tree every 3.75 seconds. Antoine, from Blue Collar Silviculture, worked alongside Kilty Elliott from Summit Reforestation, planting trees in a cut-block near High Level in Alberta, Canada. Each planter was supported by a crew of six.

The weather conditions were perfect for the record attempt with 19 hours of daylight, overcast conditions, a few hours of light rain and mild temperatures ranging from 16 C to 5 C.

Antoine passed the old record of 15,170 trees - set by Kenny Chaplin in 2001 – after 14 hours and 51 minutes.

Kilty (23) managed to plant 18,500 trees during the 24-hour record attempt. Between them Kilty and Antoine planted 41,560 trees in 24 hours, which is what a crew of 15 would plant in a day's work in Canada.

Source: Summit Reforestation/Friday Offcuts