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The GMT035 is a Felling Grapple that can cut standing trees up to 350mm in diameter. It requires no electronics and due to innovative design principles, the GMT035 uses only the four standard hoses (Rotator Clockwise and Anti-clockwise, Grapple Open and Close) to control the head. This allows the head to continuously rotate and as there is absolutely no wiring and only the hoses running through the rotator, there is no damage due to over rotation!
by Flip Breytenbach

The GMT035 mounted on a three-wheeler, crane, forwarder or excavator, is an effective tool for felling, crosscutting and stacking timber.

Due to the simplicity of the control system, it is incredibly easy to install and even easier for your operator to use this product.

Your benefits

The GMT035 Felling Grapple can easily be fitted to a three-wheeler, crane, forwarder or excavator. This allows the felling grapple to be used in a multitude of operations e.g. thinnings, clear cut, charcoal, bio energy and removing tree branches safely from dangerous areas like above power lines.

People keep on asking me the same question: “Where is the wiring and control unit to operate the head?”

There is none. The smart hydraulics enables all the functions to be performed, with the operator only using the rotator left/right and grapple open/close circuits. All the operators that AfrEquip has trained on the units found it easy to work as they are already used to basic grapple functions.

With a weight of 225kg and optimum oil requirement of 40l/min or less, it can virtually be fitted to any carrier. To use an example, the Gierkink, fitted to a three-wheeler, was able to drive to tree and directional fell the timber presenting it for the debarker, effectively achieving five to seven trees a minute. Because the timber was not bundled, the debarker only needed to pick up the stems for processing, improving downstream production as well.

With the price being a fraction of a harvester head, the Gierkink is not only a very affordable alternative but it also increases operational safety.

flip breytenbach
Flip Breytenbach

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