31st October 2022

Eucalyptus trees boost bee populations

Bees need trees, and trees need bees – especially Eucalyptus trees which offer excellent forage for these tiny creatures that

18th October 2016

Green energy innovations at MTO

MTO Forestry has embarked on exciting renewable energy projects that will bring benefits for the company, its partners – and

12th October 2016

Honey harvesting and forest protection in West Timor

New research shows that the annual harvesting of wild honey may be one of the most sustainable and effective governance

30th May 2016

Bee wise project aims to curb fires and boost rural incomes

An innovative project to train people in safe and sustainable bee-keeping in northern Zululand addresses the twin challenges of creating

10th November 2015

Sleep in a treehouse this summer

This astonishing urban treehouse (above) in Turin, Italy, uses 150 trees to protect its residents from noise and pollution. The

30th April 2013

Turning a common weed infestation into a business

An enterprising forester is building a business and creating jobs by harvesting bracken ferns from plantations and exporting them for

28th October 2011

Sustainable management of bark harvesting for traditional medicine

In many areas, and particularly our forestry areas, bark is harvested from a range of tree species growing in our

31st October 2009

Wild forest mushroom harvesting in South Africa

South Africans do not have a tradition of eating 'strange' mushrooms. As a result, Boletus mushrooms harvested in this country

31st December 2008

Partnerships in Eucalyptus oil production

The forestry industry is built on partnerships, and indeed the future of the industry relies heavily on commercial growers, small

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