03rd May 2023

A glimmer of belief that rail challenges are fixable

There is a spark of belief among forestry stakeholders that solutions to the deepening logistics challenges faced by the sector

03rd November 2022

Short of sleep spells D A N G E R for drivers & operators

By Carl van LoggerenbergSociety has generally been apathetic towards sleep and the need to have enough sleep. This has been

31st March 2022

Faltering rail service undermines competitiveness of the forest sector

A logistical nightmare is busy unfolding for forestry and downstream industries in South Africa as the freight rail service that

25th January 2021

Moveable bridge shortens long haul distance

New Zealand-based forestry company Juken NZ Ltd (JNL) has commissioned two moveable bridges that can be relocated to multiple harvest

06th April 2020

New NCT depot moves timber from road to rail

NCT has established a new road-to-rail transhipment depot at Vryheid that provides significant logistical cost benefits to timber suppliers to

02nd May 2019

Fourth generation PBS trucks lead the way

Timber24 is one of the leading transport companies hauling timber in South Africa. A subsidiary of Barloworld Transport, Timber24 operates

02nd April 2019

Measuring, monitoring, managing

Timber transport – depending on the distance from plantation to mill – is one of the highest cost components of

01st April 2019

Timber pioneers smart trucking

They’re smart, they’re big, and they are saving the forestry industry a packet. They’re also reducing wear and tear on

29th October 2018

Sappi Biotech’s Lignex product improves unpaved forestry roads

The Pulp and Paper industry uses trees as its primary raw material to produce a variety of pulp, paper and

11th April 2018

Life in the slow lane

Close to 57.2 tons of technology comes rumbling down the road. Possibly more if it is a PBS truck. By

28th September 2017

The real soldiers are the drivers

‘Running a fleet of lorries is a bit like handling a snake with a head on both ends’ SA Forestry

08th May 2017

Timber24 Zange lands specialised timber transport contract

Timber 24, a subsidiary of Barloworld Transport, has joined forces with a community-owned business in a specialised timber transport contract

24th October 2016

Transport and logistics solutions – Umgano Forestry upgrades capacity

Umgano forestry project upgrades timber loading and haulage capacity... Transport and logistics is one of the biggest challenges faced by

20th March 2015

Fourth generation PBS vehicles on the road

Timber transporter Timber24 has introduced its new fourth generation PBS timber vehicles – marking a first for the local industry.

30th March 2014

New loaders boost Merensky’s log handling capacity

Merensky has modernised and streamlined log handling capacity at three sawmills by replacing old machinery with versatile Bell L2106E Front

05th November 2013

NCT deploys 3rd generation PBS vehicles

Zabalaza Hauliers has two new '3rd generation' PBS vehicles on the road, transporting timber for NCT. These vehicles have been

31st August 2012

New loaders built tough in South Africa

Slew loaders specially designed for the sugar and timber industries are now rolling off the production line at Zululand-based Matriarch

30th August 2012

New MAN PBS fleet for Sappi contract

The truck transport industry the world over is driven by the need to constantly improve payload efficiency while simultaneously reducing

30th August 2012

Rail going nowhere

Efforts to persuade Transnet Freight Rail to expand their service to the forestry industry have not yielded solutions, but the

27th October 2011

‘Smart’ trucks improve efficiencies

Timbernology is a relative newcomer to the world of timber transport, but it has made quite an impact on the

27th October 2011

Transport contractor makes history at SQF

MA Transport is one of several businesses that has taken advantage of the opportunity presented by a contractor development programme

27th October 2011

Leading timber growers to bid for branch rail line operation

Forestry South Africa has been engaging with Transnet Freight Rail for several years in an effort to urge the parastatal

27th October 2011

Leading timber growers to bid for branch rail line operation

Forestry South Africa has been engaging with Transnet Freight Rail for several years in an effort to urge the parastatal

31st August 2010

Freight rail: where to from here?

The migration of timber from rail to road over the past five years is a symptom of rising freight tariffs,

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