12th February 2024

CMO pioneers FSC certification around the world

CMO International, a diverse forestry company founded in South Africa, is making waves internationally by successfully achieving FSC chain of

25th February 2023

Certification Officer, Southern Africa (m-f-d)

The MissionFSC works to take care of our forests and those who rely on them: by protecting plant and animal

31st March 2022

Gabon pushing for certified timber

Gabon Advanced Wood Sarl (GAW) is a company in Gabon which holds a timber concession. It recently obtained a new

11th August 2021

CMO to market certified forest products via global trading platform

The South African-based CMO Group has secured investment from venture capital fund E4E Africa to grow its forest-based operations and establish

28th January 2021

First PEFC endorsed certification in South Africa

Sustainable forestry in South Africa has received a massive boost with the awarding of the first Sustainable African Forest Assurance

24th November 2020

Much more than a simple box ticking exercise

Meeting the requirements of FSC’s new pesticide policy may be tough going, but with the right approach it will improve

22nd September 2020

Support Responsible Forestry

For more than 25 years FSC has been working to take care of the world’s forests for future generations. On September 25,

07th September 2020

FSC certification breakthrough for small-scale growers

While most of South Africa was still living and working under Level 3 lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping

20th August 2020

SAFAS – Making forest certification effective for all scales of forestry

By Steven Germishuizen, Craig Norris and David Everard SAFAS (Sustainable African Forest Assurance Scheme) has taken great strides during this

04th December 2019

SA Forestry Assurance Scheme set to transform certification landscape

The Southern African Forestry Assurance Scheme (SAFAS) is set to transform the forest certification landscape in Southern Africa and possibly

30th November 2018

PEFC endorsement 
good news for SA

The Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) has announced its endorsement of the South African Forestry Accreditation Scheme (SAFAS),

17th July 2017

Invitation to participate in the development of the South African Forestry Assurance Scheme

Invitation to forestry stakeholders to comment on the scope and process of developing the South African Forestry Assurance Scheme Standard,

16th May 2017

SA draft national forest stewardship standard complete

SDG-SA would like to thank all those who submitted comments on the Draft 3 forest-tested version of the SA national

16th March 2017

PEFC endorsed certification initiative good news for small growers

Forestry industry stakeholders have launched an initiative to develop an independent South African certification standard and system that could be

19th November 2016

Version 3.0 of the South African National Forest Stewardship Standard

SDGSA is delighted to share with you Version 3.0 of the South African National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS). This will

03rd October 2016

SA FSC Standard development approach attracts international interest

By Jeanette Clarke The National FSC standard development process is on track and the innovative approach adopted by SDG-SA has

23rd May 2016

SA National FSC standard update

Consultation, consultation, consultation! The first draft of the SA National FSC standard was released for public comment in early January

22nd February 2016

The ‘Heart of Africa’ is beating in an FSC-certified concession

While on assignment in the north of Congo in October, I came across the vehicles of one of Africa’s most

07th January 2016

Release of V1.0 South African FSC Standard for public consultation

The first draft National FSC Standard has been released for public consultation and can be downloaded HERE. This is the

10th December 2015

South African Standards Development Group News

Keep an eye on this page for regular updates and communications from the Standards Development Group (SDG-SA). You will be

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