19th April 2024

Responsible forestry - the antidote to plastic

While life without plastic might be hard to imagine, there is a renewable, recyclable and sustainable alternative to single-use plastics

28th March 2024

Finding biodiversity in timber plantations

Finding a balance between wood fibre production while conserving biodiversity and minimising environmental impacts is the big challenge facing the

22nd January 2024

Water security in the cross-hairs

The Sappi/WWF Water Stewardship Partnership is making a difference in the uMkhomazi catchment, a strategic water resource area serving a

12th September 2023

Monitoring & reporting emissions empowers growers

Plantation owners in South Africa with more than 100 ha of trees in the ground are required to report their

12th September 2023

Alien invasive species a massive threat to biodiversity

The severe global threat posed by invasive alien species is underappreciated, underestimated, and often unacknowledged. According to a major new

19th July 2023

Measuring the forest sector’s sustainability progress

The International Council of Forest & Paper Association’s (ICFPA) latest Sustainability Progress Report demonstrates progress in seven key areas of

03rd July 2023

Climate change & forestry sustainability on research radar

Professor Mary Scholes is heading up a research initiative on climate change and plantation sustainability at Wits University, supported by

31st May 2023

Focusing on forestry’s role in greening the economy

‘The value of forestry in a greening economy’ is the theme of the Focus on Forestry Conference & Expo taking

08th December 2022

SAFAS explainer - managing plantation forest carbon

*Info-graphic courtesy of the Sustainable African Forest Assurance Scheme.

03rd November 2022


More red tape, more taxes, more climate challenges, more opportunities for forestry … “We are already in trouble … climate

24th September 2021

FSC gets behind climate change mitigation efforts

As the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and its supporters celebrate FSC Friday, on 24 September, FSC reconfirms its support for

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