27th January 2022

Discovering the cause and origin of a destructive wildfire

Fire expert Dave Dobson was hired to find the cause and origin of a wildfire that left a swathe of

15th October 2021

New association for wildland firefighters launched

A new association for Wildland Firefighters has been launched in South Africa. The Association for Wildland Firefighters (AWF) represents the

28th September 2021

Protecting forestry equipment, operators & the environment from fire

If you are buying a new Tigercat machine from AfrEquip, there is a good chance that yourequipment will come with

25th May 2021

Preventing fires, planting trees & locking up carbon

A partnership between Fogmaker South Africa and the Platbos Conservation Trust is contributing to the reforestation of the unique Platbos

17th May 2021

Paraquat or not?

Paraquat - widely used in South African forestry to prepare tracer belts before burning firebreaks - is facing world-wide bans,

21st April 2021

Sawdust fires and the law

Despite the fact that sawdust piles are fire hazards, they are very unlikely to spontaneously combust as a result of

26th March 2021

Like a bolt out of the blue

South Africa receives around 25 million lightning strikes a year, and Piet Retief is the ‘Lightning Capital’ of SA. While

24th February 2021

How to calculate plantation fire damage

So you have had a fire in your plantation and you need to value the extent of the damage in

11th February 2021

Post-fire de-briefings a vital key to effective fire prevention

A recent investigation undertaken for a forestry client into the occurrence of numerous fires in plantations belonging to the company

25th November 2020

Ponsse forwarders conversion to fire fighting units

Purpose-built forwarders are designed to operate effectively in difficult terrain, so why aren’t they used to suppress fires in wildfire

14th October 2020

Hot Forestry Tips

Another reason to retain forest floor litter Forest floor litter is widely regarded as a fire hazard and is often

20th August 2020

Fire – ever-present risk in mulching operations

Unlike most engine compartment fires in traditional mobile yellow machines (which start due to mechanical failure of a hose or

05th August 2020

Forestry Support Programme reduces fire risks and creates jobs

Working on Fire (WoF) and the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF) have launched a support programme to improve

27th July 2020

Useful tips for a safer fire season

By Jaap Steenkamp, CEO of the SA Forestry Contractors Association The fire season for the 2020 summer rainfall area is

03rd June 2020

Knysna wildfire threat: readiness in a time of crisis

7 June 2020 commemorates the 2017 Knysna wildfire disaster. In many ways, the risk of a repeat thereof in the

28th April 2020

Weaning the forestry industry from its paraquat reliance

In the last ten years, 153 576 hectares of plantation forest have been damaged by fire. This figure would have

29th January 2020

‘Taming the Wildfires on the Garden Route’

Drastic action is required to prevent future destructive wildlfires in the southern Cape, writes Neels de Ronde in his recently

20th January 2020

Role of FPAs expanding

Fire protection associations (FPAs) in KZN are evolving beyond their traditional role of wildfire monitoring and incident management to tackle

04th November 2019

Predicting the movement of wildfires and prescribed burns

Watch in awe as the US Forest Service executes a massive prescribed burn in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest. The fire

26th July 2019

Plans to protect the Garden Route from fire taking shape

Fire services scarcely had time to regroup after the 2017 Knysna fires, when the Garden Route was again plagued by

09th June 2019

Technology takes forestry 
to the next level

Use technology to work smart, improve productivity, health and safety, and take the donkey work out of those repetitive, mindless

30th May 2019

Green drought masks fire risk in KZN

When green isn’t always good Drought is generally recognised as a prolonged, abnormally dry period when the available water is

02nd May 2019

The role of mentorship

Mentorship is a familiar concept in the context of rural development in South Africa. It refers to the process of

02nd May 2019

Advanced training in response to wildfire mayhem

Silva Forest Services from Sedgefield, South Africa, together with a number of international fire and rescue organisations, is hosting a

Husband and wife team Nomthandazo Hlombe and Fisokuhle Ngcobo, NCT’s Tree Farmers of the Year 2021, demonstrate how to establish and build a sustainable tree farming operation in faraway Matimatolo, near Kranskop in the KZN midlands. By Samora Chapman. ...

The largest mangrove reforestation project in Africa has been launched by Mozambique’s Ministry of Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries (MIMAIP) in partnership with Blue Forest, a UAE-based mangrove reforestation specialist. Read more saforestryonline.co.za.

📸 Lake St Lucia, Chris Chapman.

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) in South Africa for 2022 has been set at R23.19 per hour, which translates to R185.52 for an eight-hour day, and R3 710.40 for a month with 20 working days. This represents a 6.9% increase over the 2021 NMW. Can employers afford it? Link in bio... #forestry #labour
📸 Chris Chapman

With the onset of what promises to be a cold winter, this photo provides a timely reminder of what happens to wattle trees when it snows. No! It’s not a good idea to plant wattle if snow is a possibility. The only thing you could use these broken trees for is firewood. The photo was taken near Weza a few years ago. Find out more about trees and snow... saforestryonline.co.za Link in bio. #trees #wood #forestry #timber #logging #forestryafrica #wattle #snow ...

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