30th May 2024

HOT NEWS BYTES: Innovations and inventions for next level forestry

Sappi Southern Africa has concluded a milestone 175GWh per annum renewable energy Power Purchase Agreement with Enpower Trading, a NERSA-licensed

12th February 2024

CMO pioneers FSC certification around the world

CMO International, a diverse forestry company founded in South Africa, is making waves internationally by successfully achieving FSC chain of

22nd September 2022

NMU students representing Africa at international conference

Two Forestry and Wood Technology students from Nelson Mandela University (George Campus) recently attended the 50th International Forestry Student's Symposium

28th June 2022

Thinnings drone works from above

An innovative Swedish start-up has been in stealth mode since the start of 2020, but now they have finally revealed

26th May 2022

Using science to verify the origin of wood products

The fight to stop illegal logging has received a major boost from an international organisation that uses scientific analysis to

15th March 2021

Forestry past, present and future

The International Day of Forests 2021 will be celebrated around the world on 19 March. The theme for 2021 is

04th November 2019

Predicting the movement of wildfires and prescribed burns

Watch in awe as the US Forest Service executes a massive prescribed burn in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest. The fire

21st August 2018

Forestry in Brazil

Jaap Steenkamp visited Brazil recently and offers his perceptions of what’s going down and what’s going up … Brazil is

02nd March 2018

Turning forest and landscape restoration into business

By Douglas McGuire, Coordinator of the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM), FAO Ravaged landscapes, parched riverbeds and destitute communities.

30th January 2018

Expoforest to showcase Brazilian forestry

The fourth edition of Brazil’s premier forest fair, Expoforest, takes place in April in a 200-hectare eucalyptus forest, with over

22nd January 2018

‘Protection’ forestry in Switzerland

CMO was recently commissioned by the Valais canton in Switzerland to conduct an investigation into their harvesting costs and to

17th October 2017

Forestry in Madagascar

I have spent my first week ever in Madagascar, which is located off the southeast coast of Africa. It is

06th September 2017

Can forestry weather the storm?

Presenters at the 7th Forest Science Symposium, held in Pietermaritzburg recently, provided participants with a lot to think about. On

24th August 2017

Forest equipment innovations at Elmia Wood

Elmia Wood, the world’s largest forestry fair, was bigger than ever this year both in terms of area and number

07th August 2017

Portugal – land of extensive forests

by Michal Brink Email: michal@cmo.co.za While recently in Portugal, I found myself reminiscing about some of the great sea farers

07th February 2017

International Day of Forests – Forests and Energy

On 21 March people around the world will celebrate the International Day of Forests. The purpose is to raise awareness

19th July 2016

Welcome to wood city

Take a virtual walk through Bergen, an ancient city in Norway with a great tradition of building and sculpting with

02nd June 2016

WOF bring songs of hope to Canada

On Sunday 29 May, 281 firefighters from Working On Fire (WOF) arrived in Canada to help battle a raging wildfire

19th May 2016

The ups and downs of aerial reforestation

Aerial reforestation is a farming technique where trees and other crops are planted by being dropped from an aeroplane. The

07th March 2016

The future of wood structures

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre (WIDC) in Prince George – the heart of Canada's forestry region – is the

25th February 2016

A glimpse into future possibilities for steep slope logging …

Adapted from an article by Paul Iarocci, Between the Branches Eric Krume is the owner of Krume Logging & Excavation

08th February 2016

International Day of Forests – Forests and Water

The International Day of Forests is scheduled for 21 March, and the Collaborative Partnership on Forests has chosen Forests and Water

20th January 2016

How Agroforestry could save our planet

Life in Syntropy is a new short film made specially to be presented at COP21 in Paris. The film tells

16th October 2015

Illegal logging and forest conformance systems

Illegal logging continues to have a devastating impact on some of the world’s most valuable forests, with serious environmental, social

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