Predicting the movement of wildfires and prescribed burns

November 4, 2019

Watch in awe as the US Forest Service executes a massive prescribed burn in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest. The fire was used as an opportunity to test a fire model used for forecasting where and how a fire will move. Scientists were invited collect a suite of data to both evaluate and advance fire and smoke models.

In this video Adam Kochanski of the University of Utah, proves that the new fire model, WRF-SFIRE, can accurately predict the movement of prescribed burns and wildfires... in real time. WRF-SFIRE is a collaborative effort of NASA-funded teams from CU Denver, University of Utah, and Colorado State University. The project is led by Jan Mandel, Adam Kochanski and Kyle Hilburn.

Accurate fire models can help first responders deploy resources safely and effectively...

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