13th February 2024

Forestry at the heart of Malawi community project

Small African Community Based Organisations struggle with creating a sustainable financial base. Here is how Tafika Youth Organisation of Malawi

30th March 2023

Eswatini contractor relies on Bell Loggers and a Skogger

A cash loan from a friend enabled Cedusizi Dlamini to start his own forestry harvesting business, which he has built

09th January 2023

Military approach to fire prevention at Montigny

How the Montigny team keep unwanted fire out of their Eswatini plantations … A return to sound forestry practices of

26th May 2022

Using science to verify the origin of wood products

The fight to stop illegal logging has received a major boost from an international organisation that uses scientific analysis to

31st March 2022

Gabon pushing for certified timber

Gabon Advanced Wood Sarl (GAW) is a company in Gabon which holds a timber concession. It recently obtained a new

28th February 2022

Integrating wildlife management and forestry in Zambia

Mbizi Farm in Eastern Zambia is one of those rare businesses that successfully integrates wildlife management with commercial forestry management

16th February 2022

Massive mangrove restoration project launched in Mozambique

Around 100 million mangrove trees to be planted; total project area 185,000 ha; 200,000 tons of CO2 to be offset

15th March 2021

Forestry past, present and future

The International Day of Forests 2021 will be celebrated around the world on 19 March. The theme for 2021 is

28th October 2019

Pinus patula – both a solution and a problem in Tanzania

By Steven Teraka Mwihomeke Makete is one of six districts in Njombe region of Tanzania. Most of the district is

27th August 2019

SA tree farmers spread their wings to Mozambique

A group of leading South African commercial timber farmers has set up an exciting forestry project in central Mozambique focusing

22nd July 2019

Saving the wild pepper-bark trees

A unique collaboration between conservation organisations, environmentalists, researchers, traditional healers, communities and a prominent forestry company is saving an important

19th June 2019

Forestry students gather for regional meeting

SARM to see continent’s Forestry students, stakeholders converge at Mandela University in George... The Student Forestry Association from Mandela University

06th February 2019

Just throw, wait and grow

Seedballs makes reforestation in Kenya cheap, easy and fun... Deforestation is a growing problem in Kenya, as it is in

21st November 2018

Building a sawmilling business in Zimbabwe

Richard Saziya’s successful sawmilling businesses in Zimbabwe rely on Wood-Mizer sawmills to trade profitably, rebuild communities, restore roads, preserve forests

06th June 2018

Uganda launches Africa first FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard

Uganda becomes the first country in Africa to publish the FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) based on Version 5

06th September 2017

Can forestry weather the storm?

Presenters at the 7th Forest Science Symposium, held in Pietermaritzburg recently, provided participants with a lot to think about. On

17th July 2017

Invitation to participate in the development of the South African Forestry Assurance Scheme

Invitation to forestry stakeholders to comment on the scope and process of developing the South African Forestry Assurance Scheme Standard,

24th May 2016

Wood-Mizer Ghana powers ahead

Building Ghana’s timber economy, plank by plank … Gyadosaboc Ltd, Wood-Mizer Africa’s official dealer in Ghana, is the most dynamic

22nd February 2016

The ‘Heart of Africa’ is beating in an FSC-certified concession

While on assignment in the north of Congo in October, I came across the vehicles of one of Africa’s most

26th January 2016

Investors to play larger role in reforestation of Africa

Kofi Annan adds his support to reforestation and social impact initiative, ‘Forests for the future, New forests for Africa!’ A

15th January 2016

Integrating cultural and heritage resources into forest management

By Coen Nienaber and Michal Brink The constitutional and legislative definitions of ‘environment’ include cultural and heritage resources. But as

11th January 2016

The Great Green Wall – plans move ahead

Reports have emerged that 11 African countries are moving ahead with the ambitious pan-African project in the Sahel-Saharan region that

30th November 2015

Legal status of timber products exported to EU

What is the current status of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) compliance in South Africa? MICHAL BRINK reports

18th November 2015

FSC news: certification, strategies and untouched forests

Certification growing in Africa The perception that natural resources in Africa are being stripped and consumed wholesale by developed economies

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