Advertise with SA Forestry

There are numerous advertising opportunities on the SA Forestry Online website, the SA Forestry Annual (prestigious, printed magazine) and on the SA Forestry Desktop Calendar.

SA Forestry Online

The website is currently receiving around 8 000 visits per month, and growing. Over 70% of visitors are from South Africa. This dynamic website is updated regularly and contains all of the trademark SA Forestry news, analysis, feature articles and videos.

SA Forestry 2021 Annual

1 600 copies of the Annual will be distributed to subscribers and forestry stakeholders including growers, foresters, contractors, equipment and services providers, consultants, researchers, students, NGOs and relevant government employees.

SA Forestry Desktop Calendar

This popular calendar has been published for over 10 years, and is distributed with the SA Forestry Annual. It includes useful forestry info as well as a directory of forestry stakeholders.

Advertising Enquiries & Rate Card

Contact Chris Chapman for all advertising enquiries:-

Chris Chapman

Mobile: 082 899 3086


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