WFC 2015 kicks off

Chris Chapman, SA Forestry Editor reports … The World Forestry Congress is all set to kick off at Durban’s International

Forests, people and sustainable development

An investment in forestry is an investment in people AND in sustainable development. This is the central theme of the World Forestry Congress, coming to Durban in September...

Register for XIV World Forestry Congress

Reduced ‘Early Bird’ registration fees available for XIV World Forestry Congress in Durban in September have just been extended until

The temperate forests of northeast China

Most parts of the northeast and northern regions in China belong to the temperate forest zone. In the case of

Forests Of The World

World Environment Day takes place on June 5 2014 and our forests are depleting at an alarming rate. There is

Forestry in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a country smaller than the Free State in South Africa, was inhabited by an estimated 400 000 Indians

Rare forests and apes on the island of Borneo

ForestsBorneo, the third largest island in the world, is situated between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. It was once covered with

A new approach to commercial forestry

Agroforestry is an old term used for a variety of agriculture and forestry land use systems. By definition 'agroforestry' means

Sweden: home of Elmia and cut-to-length harvesting systems

With Elmia Wood having taken place in early June again this year, I thought it appropriate to select Sweden as

Forestry practices in the land of Latvia

The history of Latvia began when the area was settled after the end of the last glacial period, around 9000

Forestry practices in China

China is the third largest country in the World, just behind Russia and Canada. The population of China is over

Forestry practices in exotic Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is located in the south-eastern part of continental Asia, bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

The south-east Asian rainforest

The south-east Asian rainforest is the oldest, consistent rainforest on Earth, dating back to the Pleistocene period some 70 million

Meet the author of Forestry around the world

Insights and observations from the diary of South African forestry consultant Michal Brink, who travels the world on forestry business.

How Korea saved its forests

The planting of 11 billion trees to re-established the forests on the Korean peninsular that were destroyed by centuries of

The Amazon rainforest: a question of balance

Threatened by drought and uncontrolled logging, the Amazon rainforest – which plays a critical role in balancing the world's climate

Exploring Canada’s forests

Canada stretches across five time zones and numerous climate regions. The Arctic Circle is covered in permafrost, yet Point Pelee

Forestry in Papua New Guinea

Lying just south of the equator, 160 km north of Australia, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is part of a great

Russian Far East temperate forests

Russia has about 750 million ha of forest – over 20% of the world's total. Some 20% of the Russian

Tapping rubber in Sri Lanka

One of the most versatile natural commodities used by man for thousands of years is wood. He increasingly found the

Mizoram: hidden jewel of India

Perching on the high hills of north eastern corner of India at the foothills of the great Himalayas, Mizoram State

Tierra del Fuego: land of fire

Tierra del Fuego is a truly remote part of the earth, with a unique forestry ecosystem that proves the adaptive

Social component of forestry

 When I began my forestry career some 30 years ago, foresters managed in a very different environment from the one

Mulching of harvest residues is rapidly gaining ground in South African forestry, and is proving to be a game changer. Link in bio. Image courtesy of Savithi Mulching.

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