September 29, 2015


These three short films show why forests are vital to sustainable development, people's livelihoods and the planet's well being. The films are winners of the 'Think Forests' video competition held by the Center For International Forestry Research.

The aim of the competition was to encourage people around the world to to tell stories that show why forests are vital for sustainable development. The results are a moving testament to why forests are key to all life on earth...

OUR LAND [winner]
Amin Panji Wijaya and his team produced this beautifully cinematic film that shows how forests sustain lives. The film urges the world to love and protect forests before they disappear...

ONE SINGLE TREE [runner up]
Carolin Winter and Florian Schnabel show the benefits of one single tree to people and the environment. The illustrative film is simple, effective and profound.

BEHIND THE TREE [runner up]
Ludo Pigeon, Marco Bustamante, David Torres and Frank Hajek show how forests are essential to sustainable development and the rise of civilizations.

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