Moveable bridge shortens long haul distance

January 25, 2021

The moveable bridge was built by Bridge It NZ. It is an 18m x 4m steel beam bridge with timber deck capable of holding a full load required for forestry truck and trailer units and heavy machinery.

New Zealand-based forestry company Juken NZ Ltd (JNL) has commissioned two moveable bridges that can be relocated to multiple harvest sites to keep capital costs down and shorten long haul distances between compartments and market.

The bridges, which are designed to carry heavy forestry loads, can be dis-assembled and relocated to the next harvest site at a fraction of the cost of building permanent bridges at all the river crossings.

he moveable bridges enable JNL to access and harvest wood from the Pamoa Forest, shaving 24km off each round trip to and from the harvest site.

The bridges can be moved to suit our harvesting and heavy traffic requirements, explains JNL’s Planning and Engineering Manager Patrick Bethel.

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