Mozambique Timber Farming seeking a General Manager

Mozambique Timber Farming, which has established a pioneering plantation forestry business in Mozambique, is seeking the services of a General Manager to head up their tree growing and pulp log export operations in that country.

The business was established a few years ago by a group of South African-based entrepreneurs with many years of forestry and business experience between them, and has already started exporting woodchips to international customers from the port of Beira.

Mozambique Timber Farming Pty Ltd (MTF) is a South African company with two Mozambican subsidiaries: Investimento Florestal Mozambique Lda (IFM) and Mozambique Fibra Lda (MozFibra).

The Group’s objective is to create the first integrated sustainable plantation forestry enterprise in Mozambique which commercially exports plantation grown eucalyptus hardwood to international markets in a sustainable fashion and with the potential for exponential future growth. IFM has planted over 6 600 ha of eucalyptus plantations to date, whilst the export facility, the MozFibra Beira harbor site, is fully functional and has exported 100 000 tons of pulp logs out of Beira port in the last 12 months.

MTF is seeking a self-motivated and results-driven general manager to direct and manage both MTF’s Mozambican based companies. The selected candidate will have to head up an already established management team and will oversee MTF’s business activities and develop and implement effective business strategies and programs. Duties for the general manager will include allocating budget resources, formulating policies, coordinating business operations, monitoring, and motivating staff, managing operational costs, ensuring logistical practices and prices, improving administration processes, engaging with vendors, hiring, and training employees, identifying business opportunities, and monitoring financial activities. Experience in forestry and/or export of woodchips/pulp logs will assist the Group in maintaining relationships with clients, generating new business, increasing staff productivity, improving service, ensuring sustainability, and meeting business objectives.

The successful candidate for this role should have at least 10 years’ experience in the forestry sector, excellent communication skills, superior knowledge of the forestry and export business, good finance skills, strong leadership qualities and a logistics or machinery background.

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Interested persons should send their CVs to: Tel enquiries: (+27) 87 353 9891.