Harvesting, forwarding and handling equipment

November 5, 2013

Well known forest engineer Frank Uzzell has established a forestry equipment supply company, Green Projects, and has wasted no time in building up a stable of reputable brands supplying a range of timber and sugar cane harvesting, forwarding and handling equipment.

Enfo 2000 Biomass Bundler turns post-harvest slash into neat bundles.

Frank has 26 years experience in the field working with companies such as Bell Equipment and Matriarch Equipment, and now with Green Projects.

Mtunzini-based Green Projects distributes and supports the following equipment in South and southern Africa:

  • Ponsse – a full range of purpose-built harvesting heads, harvesters and forwarders
  • Rotobec – grapples
  • Enfo 2000 – biomass bundlers
  • Quadco – tree shears and attachments
  • Raptor – stump harvesting attachments.

In addition, Frank offers a consultancy service, specialising in the design and development of both forestry and sugar cane harvesting, handling and forwarding solutions.

The Ponsse, Enfo 2000, Quadco and Rotobec equipment is manufactured overseas and distributed in southern Africa by Green Projects. The Raptor stump harvester was designed and built in South Africa by Frank. This highly effective attachment is currently being used by Silicon Smelters in Limpopo.

Frank has also developed tri-wheeler logger and sugar cane loader diesel and hydraulic-oil filler cap breather conversion kits.

Frank recently arranged a trip to Uruguay and Argentina for South African clients to see mechanised systems for harvesting transmission poles. Frank said the trip was an eye-opener for his clients who are considering mechanising this operation. Tests have been done on harvesting transmission poles with various Ponsse heads to guage their effectiveness.

Enquiries: Frank Uzzell: 082 820 5701
Visit www.greenprojects.biz

Rotobec grapple attached to an excavator being used in a tree-length harvesting operation in Mpumalanga.
stump harv
A stump harvester, designed and manufactured in Zululand by Frank Uzzell, is currently working in Limpopo province.


Published in August 2013

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