Husqvarna extends its footprint in Africa

January 28, 2019

Dylan Lane, Husqvarna Regional Manager: Africa.

Pietermaritzburg-based Husqvarna South Africa has defied the general corporate trend of trimming its operations. Instead, it has just opened a wholly owned subsidiary in Kenya, and future expansion plans include the addition of more subsidiaries into West Africa.

Swedish-owned Husqvarna, a world leader in outdoor power products, has, for the past 330 years, manufactured everything from muskets and motorcycles to sewing machines and bicycles. Long recognised around the globe for its superior chainsaw and brushcutter range, it is now also the world leader in robotic mowing, having produced more than a million of these.

Husqvarna operates in South Africa via a specialist network of 120 Dealers, and the brand is widely recognised throughout Africa, says Dylan Lane, Husqvarna Regional Manager: Africa. “We already have a presence in 30 countries on the continent, and our new subsidiary in Kenya will provide additional support for our Distributors within East Africa, where we are the leading professional brand in this market, and help them to grow by being closer to the market.”

Husqvarna has for the past 330 years, manufactured everything from muskets to motorcycles, sewing machines, bicycles ... and chainsaws, blowers, mowers ...

The company has, for the past 10 years or so, achieved a double-digit annual compound growth rate. Yet despite a global group turnover (2017) of approximately R60 billion, Husqvarna has no intention of resting on its laurels. The product range for Africa comprises 276 items - the market's widest, most innovative and powerful range of machinery and tools for the forest, garden, park, construction and stone industries.

‘Robotics’ is a field that Husqvarna has been researching for over 20 years, and is currently developing solutions and products that meet tomorrow’s needs.

“It is predicted that the world will be increasingly urbanised, and by 2025, about 60% of the population will be living in cities,” said Lane. “There will be fewer home gardens, and so urban green spaces will be more relevant. We need to think ahead, plan for the future, worry about emissions more – hence our extensive range of battery products and our ‘silent nature’ drive. Less noise, less disruption, less harm to the environment – we believe in that, and it is what helps us stand out.

“As we expand, we cannot rely on just one market or product segment either,” Lane added.

“Pressure washers, water pumps and generators are all new offerings from Husqvarna, which will add to customers’ experience. We believe we have some very exciting times ahead,” he said.

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