Land clearing and mulching solutions

January 11, 2017

The Bucketmouth TSG 1000 stump grinder ... equal to any task.

Bucketmouth has been involved in the site preparation and land conversion business for over a decade and has been involved in some of the largest land conversions world wide. One such conversion was in excess of 30 000 hectares in New Zealand when the equipment was used to convert pine forests back to dairying.

There is huge potential for use of Bucketmouth machines in South Africa and Africa in general in forestry, land conversion and bush encroachment. As seen in trials already performed in South Africa, the mulcher has a major impact and actually increases the profitability and bottom line of the companies that use these systems.

This is achieved by the mulch increasing the growth rates of plants or pasture by up to 20% and gives you the opportunity to plant nearly year round, increased moisture retention and zero erosion.

In plantations that have been affected by bushfire or drought you can use the tracked machine to walk in and mulch the trees standing, leaving a finish that can be planted into straight away.


The Bucketmouth LSG 900 stump grinder ... tough, relaible and efficient.

In land conversion the system returns all nutrients back to the soil, taking out all the stumps ready for planting.  In bush encroachment we actually improve the soil structure and the pasture.

Africa only has smaller machines at the moment performing this work that has led many companies and farmers to believe that mulching is too costly and ineffective because their machines are slow and not designed to work in the harsh environments. However that's why these Australian machines are suited to African conditions because conditions are very similar.

Bucketmouth also offers a very experienced consultant that has vast knowledge in this industry and has solved problems world-wide on a number of projects – some up to a million hectares in size. Bucketmouth is a company that understands customers’ problems and can solve them.

Visit: or contact South African agent Deon Redinger (071 890 9000) for more info.


*First published in SA Forestry magazine, Dec 2015

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