New purpose-built forestry excavators land in SA

November 4, 2015

ELB Equipment’s new Sumitomo SH210F-5 Macan working in a harvesting and debarking application in Mpumalanga .

Loggers working the high-yield plantations of Mpumalanga are getting their first glimpse of the ultra-efficient logging capabilities of the new purpose-built Sumitomo forestry excavators from ELB Equipment.

Based on the underpinnings of the Japanese manufacturer’s legendary SH210 excavator, the forestry specification machine has significantly lower running costs compared with dedicated forestry machines and costs are competitive with similar sized equivalents.

With full back up and support of ELB Equipment, one of the country’s largest suppliers of industrial equipment, users can count on the around the clock service and support that is in keeping with the company’s 30-year track record of supplying and maintaining Sumitomo excavators in the mining, construction and industrial sectors.

Local contractor
Launch customer, Cassie Greyling of Can Do Timbers, purchased one new Sumitomo SH210F-5 Macan excavator to improve the overall efficiency of his 47-strong fleet. Having done in-depth research on similar logging operations across the globe his attention was drawn to the Sumitomo as a result of its frugal fuel usage as well as the durability and dependability of the machine in even the toughest terrain.

It is a big advantage that the machine is purpose built for forestry and is already equipped with the necessary guards and safety equipment, strengthened undercarriage, reinforced arm, as well as adapted track, hydraulic and other design details that make it perfectly suited to forestry conditions. The SH210F-5 Macan is based on the SH210-5 which has proven itself in the South African market to be one of the most fuel efficient and productive excavators in its class, boasting more than 15% better fuel consumption than some of its rivals.

“In the field its performance is proving to be highly impressive with fuel savings at least three litres less than equivalent sized machines in our fleet. When one considers that the machine is required to run 24-hours per day, every day of the week for the entire year then it is easy to see why the Sumitomo makes sense.

“According to our calculations, the savings from diesel alone will amount to the price of a complete new Sumitomo excavator within the space of just over three years. This is exactly what is required for low-profit, high-volume forestry operations such as ours,” says Cassie.

Cassie Greyling of Can Do Timbers is congratulated by ELB Equipment’s Rhett O’Neill on the successful operation of his new Sumitomo SH210F-5 Macan forestry excavator.

Higher availability
While not suited to some of the steepest inclines where specialised self-leveling harvesters come into their own, Cassie is banking on the Sumitomo machine to excel in standard logging applications within his allotment. Here the reliability and high availability of the new machine is expected to contribute significantly to lower running costs.

Another advantage of the machine is the cleverly engineered simplicity with all service and maintenance points within easy reach. This enables it to be deployed for longer periods of time and contributes to higher availability compared with non-purpose-built machines.

It is a reliable, factory-outfitted excavator  that is warranted to perform in forestry conditions without the risk of affecting the manufacturer’s warranty conditions. In addition, the shipped-ready-to-use Sumitomo machines have a short lead time as only limited additional fitting needs to be carried out once landed in South Africa.

Economical alternative
ELB Equipment divisional director, Desmond van Heerden, points out that logging contractors are being severely hampered by rising diesel prices and as a result the Sumitomo offers a viable alternative to traditional machines.

“In the mining and plant hire industries especially we are seeing a shift to Sumitomo’s award-winning efficient engines, as every Rand saved on diesel has a direct impact on the bottom line of an operator. In addition, Sumitomo excavators have legendary durability in the harshest conditions in all industries in South Africa, where they outwork and outlast even the toughest competition.

“We are confident and will stand by our machines 100% as loggers make the move from traditional machines to our trusted Japanese workhorses. What’s more, we have the full support of the manufacturer to continue to work with our local customers and continuously improve the machines to meet their every requirement,” says Desmond.

He says that Sumitomo has made good inroads into this industry in the USA, Indonesia and are market leaders in New Zealand. For this reason ELB is confident that the machines will be well accepted in South Africa. They recently sent a team of technical experts from Sumitomo Japan to inspect the SH210F-5Macan in a working application locally. Information gathered will be used for continuous improvement the local variant of the Forestry specification machines.


ELB Equipment’s new Sumitomo SH210F-5 Macan working in a harvesting and debarking operation in Mpumalanga.

ELB Equipment, Desmond van Heerden, Tel: (011) 306 0722, Fax: (011) 918 7208, Email:, Web:

The Sumitomo SH210F-5 Macan can be fitted with a variety of heads depending on the required applications. The excavator provides a strong, safe, reliable and economical platform for these attachments. The specifications are:

Operating weight             20 000 kg
Reach                         10m
Engine                        4-cylinder Isuzu
Power                         117.3kw
Cab Guards
Reinforced side frames
Step guards
Engine compartment guard rails
Hand rail guards
Three point support frames
Reinforced idler frames
HD track links
Thicker 6mm upper under covers
Reinforced upper rollers
Thicker boom foot and top plates
Reduced welded sections on the boom
Heavy duty dipper

*Prepared on behalf of ELB Equipment, Dalene Wood, Tel: (011) 306 0725/0700, Email:, Web: Article by Media Savvy Communications, Raymond Campling, Tel: (011) 979 7207, Email:, Web:

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