New Waratah heads built to work in Africa

May 31, 2023
The Waratah H219X is designed for large clearfell and large pole debarking, high quality delimbing, low wood damage and high wood utilisation with two rollers and optional topping saw.

Waratah has released its new generation 200 and 400 series harvester heads that are well suited for African conditions and provide contractors with fit for purpose tools for the various thinning and harvesting applications that are found in this part of the world.

The new Waratah heads include the following:
• The H219X primarily built for late thinning or final felling.
• The H212 primarily designed for softwood thinning applications and small-size wood harvesting.
• The H225E is purpose-built for single-pass Eucalyptus debarking.
• The H425X is built for demanding applications in mixed stand harvesting, and is well suited for larger timber.

Waratah, established in 1973 in New Zealand, is a renowned forestry equipment brand worldwide and has had a strong presence in South Africa ever since mechanised harvesting was introduced here over 20 years ago. Waratah started off manufacturing a delimber-feller buncher, followed by a red grapple-processor. Since then the company has developed a full range of harvesting, processing and felling heads used in a variety of logging applications from cut-to-length hardwood harvesting at the stump, to processing on a landing, felling on steep slopes or debarking in plantations.

“Like the logo says, Waratah heads just work,” Commented Phillip Hall of Nelspruit-based Forestry Plant & Equipment, one of three distributors of Waratah heads in South Africa. Forestry Plant & Equipment founder Phillip Hall is regarded as one of the pioneers of mechanised harvesting in South Africa, and has a long association with Waratah. Forestry Plant is also using the Waratah heads in their own harvesting contracting operations, so the proof – as they say - is in the pudding!

“The Waratah heads are structurally so strong and well made,” said Phillip. “They are hard-wearing heads that are built to last, and we get great support from Waratah as well.”

Besides Forestry Plant and Equipment, Waratah heads are also distributed and supported in South Africa by AFGRI Equipment and MASCOR.

Phillip Hall of Forestry Plant & Equipment in-field with a trusty Waratah head, de-barking Eucalyptus logs cleanly.

The robust Waratah H219X harvester head is built primarily for late thinning or final felling. The new model has a variety of features for added uptime in harvesting, processing and debarking applications.

It offers high capacity two-roller productivity, whether used in final felling or variable diameter late thinning in mixed stands, crooked hardwood or debarking applications, and delivers versatility with durability, performance and serviceability.

The H219, weighing in at 1,970 kg, or the H219X, at 2,050 kg, can efficiently handle large-size wood in final felling or late thinning applications – including hardwood or softwood – and Eucalyptus debarking. The narrow head design lends itself to improved visibility in thinning applications, while the two-roller geometry design provides excellent handling of variable diameters and challenging tree forms up to 750 mm.

The H219 and H219X are great heads for large wheeled or tracked machines – handling so many different large diameter applications, with their versatility and power, these really are great heads for tackling the tough jobs.

The H219 and H219X have a variety of improved features that enhance durability. The configurations include new optional HD feed roller guards for durability in thick understory or rough terrain. A heavy-duty tilt frame option is available for tracked applications, and it is standard on the H219X.

Improved hose routing along with new guarding protection on both the exterior and underside of the head help extend hose life. The new configuration helps reduce limb interference with hoses, cylinder and motor fittings, while feed motors have new anti-cavitation protection.

Likewise, the optional top saw now has a more integrated design improving durability and serviceability. The new design features guarding on the underside to keep splinters and debris away.

The new measuring arm design features a larger cylinder and pins, higher contact force and increased shock resistance while a larger and more aggressive measuring wheel handles trees with thick bark.

Simplified servicing extends operational time to increase productivity on the job. Highlights of the H219X include a new valve cover and more easily accessible service points for quicker access. New hose bulkheads improve access with hose connections externally accessible for quick changeouts.

The Waratah H212 comes in at the small end of the harvester head family. It is a two-feed roller attachment primarily for softwood thinning applications and small-size wood harvesting.

The Waratah H212 is designed and built for small debarking and softwood thinning operations. It offers high quality delimbing with the efficiency to be mounted on a 13- 15 ton tracked or wheeled carrier.

Built for performance and speed, the compact and agile H212 delivers big productivity for harvesting, processing, and debarking applications. With its robust and nimble design, this all-around capable head is a little giant in the forest.

The H212 features the new and highly efficient SuperCut 100S saw unit with improved auto tensioning and easier servicing, which can fell and process trees up to 520 mm (20.5 in.) in diameter. The delimb arms, which are designed to provide premium delimbing, complement the feeding power and grip of the drive arms on large or crooked stems.

The narrow head design provides excellent visibility even when knives and rollers are open, which helps increase agility in small diameter dense stands. The saw box also provides good visibility for aiming felling cuts as well as pivot position for efficient cutting.

The H212 is light weight and is ideally suitable to be mounted on a 13-15 ton tracked or wheeled carrier.

The much anticipated new generation Waratah H225E head is purpose-built for single-pass Eucalyptus debarking. Designed for use on large, wheeled harvesters and excavators, the H225E is a powerful, high-capacity debarking head that productively dominates in the harsh applications.

The Waratah H225E is a purpose built single pass debarking head for the 20 to 24 ton carrier range. This robust and durable head is a market leader worldwide for its productivity and low overall running cost.

It is a true workhorse, with improved features that facilitate enhanced debarking productivity and durability.

With a weight at 1690 kg, this new 200 series head features a higher performance valve that allows for better oil flow and greater hydraulic working pressure capabilities (35 MPa or 5,076 psi) for more feed power. It also boasts reduced frame friction for straight or curvy trees. Improved measuring wheel log contact enables more accurate measuring while a new find-end laser sensor reduces the need to saw.

The H225E also includes patented variable angle feed rollers for better bark separation cutting as well as debarking initialization and efficiency, improving debarking for varying diameters. Redesigned swept cast arms improve delimbing in harvesting or processing applications with lower knife improvements for reverse delimbing.

The H225E features Waratah’s TimberRite H-16 measuring and control system for increased efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

The Waratah TimberRite H16 control system provides leading edge wood processing and data management capability.

Built to master debarking, the H225E features new delimb arm profiles, which improve delimbing and durability in plantation stands of consistent diameter or variable diameters of big timber. The length measuring system has been improved for more durability and placement on the log – or with optional measuring from the feed motors.

The new valve includes anti-cavitation protection for feed motors, and additional guarding protects the main frame and roller arm cylinders. Additionally, a new hose bulkhead bracket reduces hose wear and interference on tracked carriers. Extra protective elements have been added to the rear knife hose routing and tilt cylinder base-end bearing for increased part durability.

With more efficient hydraulic operation, the new H225E valve design allows for higher working pressure to reduce oil flow needs and provide more torque with reduced fuel consumption. This also decreases the need for hydraulic oil cooling. Additionally, an improved hose layout promotes uptime by minimizing potential hose failures.

Easier serviceability access to the roller arm cylinder, new valve bank and hose layout, also contribute to enhanced uptime and lower daily operating costs.

Waratah’s new H425X harvester head is built for tough jobs. With a powerful control valve and four roller feed arm geometry, this is a high-performance head that is productive on wheeled or tracked carriers.

The Waratah H425X is a softwood thinning and small clearfell harvester head designed to work productively in rough form timber. This unit can be specified with or without a topping saw for higher wood utilisation.

The H425X features an extreme duty main saw box with heavier steel plating, extra feed motor component guarding, heavy-duty tilt frame, hose protection and increased drive arm durability for demanding applications in mixed stand harvesting. Its four-roller feed arm geometry ensures rollers grip solidly in all diameters, improving responsiveness with unprecedented tree-processing performance – especially in large timber.

Purpose-built for tracked harvesters, the H425X offers options for many applications with multi-tree handling, an integrated top saw and processing knives for picking from piles, and many feed wheels options to suit numerous applications.

Like other Waratah harvester heads, these models are also equipped with the new SuperCut 100S saw unit, which offers reliable chain tensioning and enables the use of wider tail saw bars in all models. Both of these features reduce saw chain jump-offs. Saw chain replacement is also easier, thanks to the new chain release mechanism.

For more information on these heads contact your local South African Waratah dealers:-
• Forestry Plant & Equipment: tel 013 755 1003; email;
• MASCOR: email; 072 491 9985;
• AFGRI Equipment: email; 082 331 3179;

Visit the official Waratah website here: Waratah - Forestry & Logging Equipment

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