Versatile Husqvarna pruner reaches new heights

November 5, 2018

In the future, and in line with Husqvarna’s Silent Nature™ philosophy, the world will have more eco-friendly green spaces, and a whole new way of caring for forests, parks and gardens. Battery and robotic tools, which match the performance of their petrol counterparts, will become the norm.

Husqvarna, a world leader in outdoor power products, has for the past 330 years manufactured everything from muskets and motorcycles to sewing machines and bicycles. Long recognised around the globe for its superior chainsaw and brushcutter range, it is also the world leader in robotic mowing. The company also manufactures an extensive range of efficient equipment for the forestry industry, including battery-operated machines that are highly rated within the forestry sector worldwide.

“Battery machines are the answer: no fuel, no noise, often faster and equally efficient, and usually lighter than conventional equipment – they are the way of the future,” says KwaZulu-Natal forester Bruce Hart.

With the South African forestry industry planting some 360 000 trees every working day - more than 90 million trees every year - it stands to reason that the pruning, trimming, maintenance and eventual felling of these trees is a massive business.

Bruce, who has 26 years’ experience in forestry and is currently in the Greytown area with Siyanqoba Forestry Services, says he is finding his Husqvarna 525LK split shaft pole pruner to be an exceptionally useful tool.

Detachable shaft
“It has a detachable shaft – and what’s really great is you can add attachments to it; a longer pole saw to prune higher, or a grass-cutting head. And this year I also started using Husqvarna’s 525P5S dedicated pole pruning machine, which is incredibly reliable. The insulated shaft makes it suitable for working near power lines and because the shaft is more rigid, it is useful for pruning higher up. Selecting the suitable shaft extension allows the operator to prune trees from 2m up to 5m. In fact, this is mainly what I use right now. Originally, we were using Husqvarna’s 535FBX backpack pruner, also a fantastic tool. Operators didn’t tire easily while using that, and the machine itself is ergonomic and extremely powerful.”

But then they moved on to pole pruners. “The Husqvarna 525LK works well for lower prunings: it is small, light, and so easy to handle.”

It’s also equipped with Husqvarna’s X-TORQ engine, which reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

When the contract required a higher pruning height, Bruce said that the Husqvarna 525P5S pole saw was ideal. This has a maximum reach of up to 5m and tips the scales at only 6.4kg, making it a great tool for anyone needing a pole saw that is light but has a long reach. Transport is simplified with the 525P5S as it comes with a detachable shaft.

“Apart from being able to reach as high as 5m, it is also great for working as low as 2m, and I simply remove the long shaft from the end and fit a smaller one. It is very versatile, and I have grown into it because it is working for me with both pruning heights.”

Pole pruners, he added, are very versatile, because they aren’t used only for pruning. “They are ideal for cutting woody stems, for instance bugweed and wattle.”

Bruce said they are exceptionally effective for eucalyptus coppice reduction as well.

Husqvarna is proud of its superior quality machines, both petrol and battery products. The outstanding back-up and personal service is a guarantee that tackling even the most demanding jobs is easy on you – the user.

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*First published in SA Forestry magazine, September 2018

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