Ergo in the Forest

January 30, 2020

The Ergo on a steep slope in the KZN midlands with (from left) operator Themba Nkwanyane, Frank Uzzell of Green Projects and Ponsse’ technical trainer Santiago Posada.

A Ponsse Ergo wheeled harvester equipped with a C44+ crane and H7 Euca head has been working in a steep compartment in the KZN midlands near Howick recently. The Ergo was brought out to South Africa by the local dealership, Green Projects, to give contractors and growers an opportunity to see the machine in action.

The Ergo is a versatile all-rounder that can work efficiently in all types of terrain. With its levelling base and 8-wheel drive it had no problems harvesting eucalyptus on a steepish 25 degree slope. The wheels were equipped with Olofsfors Eco-tracks which gave it additional traction in the steep, slippery conditions.

According to Green Projects’ Frank Uzzell the Ergo can work comfortably on slopes up to 35 degrees. The optional extra Ponsse Synchrowinch provides additional traction, allowing the machine to work on extreme slopes up to 45 degrees.

The performance of the harvester was being closely monitored by Ponsse’s Global Technical Trainer, Santiago Posada, who was visiting South Africa to help tune the Ergo for local conditions and train contractors, operaters and Green Projects technicians.

The Ponsse H7 Euca head is a dedicated eucalyptus harvesting head capable of one-pass processing in the right conditions, with minimal stem damage.

For more info on the Ergo contact Frank Uzzell at Green Projects, Howick.

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