Fuel-efficient new STIHL chainsaw

September 18, 2020

The STIHL MS 382 is the enhanced version of the legendary MS 381, until now the top selling chainsaw in South Africa. Specially designed for the rigorous demands of professional forestry and agricultural applications, the 3,8kW MS 382 is a worthy successor to the MS 381. The MS 382 offers a very fuel-efficient performance, in addition to being tough and hard-working.

This robust, fuel-powered chainsaw is ergonomic and lightweight (6.2kg) with an excellent power to weight ratio and various enhanced features. In today’s tough economic climate, perhaps its most significant benefit is the low fuel consumption: up to 20% less than previous models, thanks to an improved 2-MIX engine.

Tested in the field, results showed that after a few months of use, the MS 382 delivered even better fuel efficiency than anticipated. Jonathan Rencken, Forestry Manager for Tree Fall Harvesters, whose teams worked with the MS 382 for several months, commented: “This is a hassle-free machine that offers better fuel economy – we saved a tank of petrol a day per machine, which is a significant saving.”

This fuel-efficiency was supported by Andre Barnardo, Procurement and Harvesting Manager for Treated Timber Products, who said: “The MS 382 has a lot of power yet is lighter than the MS 381, which makes my team happy. In addition, we are saving almost a litre and a half of fuel per daily set task.”

The MS 382 is a cost-cutter in other ways too. The STIHL Ematic™ bar lubrication system facilitates longer wear and reduces chain oil consumption compared to conventional methods of chain lubrication - up to 50% less depending on the cutting attachment and the type of wood being cut. The enhanced oil pump has a one-gear drive system and ensures a consistent and steady flow of oil to the saw chain links and guide bar rails.

The new-look starter cover helps prevent dirt from entering the cylinder fins, so there is less wear and less frequent need for maintenance. Other upgraded features include an optimised crankshaft and a 100% aluminium flywheel with fewer fins, assisting with cooling. Because there is less rotating mass, there is reduced wear on the main bearing and the crankshaft for even greater reliability.

The MS 382 also has reduced noise levels and lower emissions, which help to limit operator fatigue during extended work periods.

A nation-wide network of over 240 STIHL dealers provide comprehensive support for STIHL equipment including expert advice, after-sales servicing and spares.

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Bornface chipandwe
Bornface chipandwe
10 months ago

Stihl chainsaw 272xp

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