The lightest heavyweight in its class

July 25, 2018

The MS 462 is the hot-off-the-press new chainsaw from STIHL, a global leader in chainsaw technology. This 70cc professional-grade model with an economical 2-MIX engine is lightweight without compromising on delivery. It is the lightest high-performance chainsaw in the 70 cm³ cubic capacity class, weighing in at 7.4kg with 20” guidebar and chain – ideal for an all day, every day powerful performance.

Designed for multiple forestry applications, the award-winning MS 462 easily copes with felling, pruning, cutting up and harvesting big timber. It is also suitable for demanding cutting jobs in agriculture, landscaping and gardening.

Lighter, faster, more power
This is an ergonomic, manoeuvrable, easy to work with machine with an impressive power to weight ratio of around 1.4 kg/kw. Its improved weight has been made possible by a new engine unit design with enhanced cylinder geometry. The R&D experts at STIHL know that weight is a vital factor in enhanced design but reduction in weight cannot be allowed to impact on power, so they have focused on reducing the system weight – that is, the weight of the dry chainsaw including the cutting attachment. Redesigned cylinders, slimmer chain sprocket covers and consistent changes of material for other components, in the engine units in particular, have resulted in perceptible weight savings without compromising on ruggedness or service life. The result is lower system weight and easier handling. It’s a winning combination.

Another bonus is this machine’s incredible acceleration. It is well-equipped for extreme loads and harvesting large timber as it has a significantly improved torque build up because of its new economical 2-MIX engine technology with a rating of 4.4 kW, thanks to the improved cylinder geometry with an optimised combustion chamber.

Smoother and safer
The MS 462 has a new anti-vibration system that reduces vibrations at the handles and improves rigidity, reducing strain on the operator’s joints and muscles and ensuring more precise control of the cut, even when using longer guide bars. Another new feature is the plunge bar, a handy mark on the fan housing which facilitates directional control and machine control in plunge cutting. In addition, the tooth length of the spiked bumper has been adapted to the radius of bigger trees, so the saw bites into the wood with better grip when cross-cutting, and control is effortless and accurate.

No servicing headaches
This is designed to be a hard-working professional machine, so STIHL has prioritised servicing and maintenance enhancements. The MS 462’s new HD2 air filter with a radial seal has a longer life and improved fine dust filtering efficiency compared with the previous model. It is easy to clean and has an oil-and water-repellent surface. Proven features have been carried over, including the side chain tensioner, captive nuts and a one-part shroud with quarter-turn locks for ease of access to all maintenance components, such as the filter or spark plug.

The new STIHL MS 462 C-M was awarded the silver medal in the innovations competition ahead of the demopark fair. Now available in South Africa, the STIHL MS 462 is set to transform the local forestry industry.


*First published in SA Forestry magazine, July 2018

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