New LX100 sawmill for heavy use released

August 16, 2016

The LX100 is the first sawmill in a new line of completely redesigned Wood-Mizer sawmills. It cuts logs up to 70 cm in diameter.

The LX100 is the first in a new line of Wood-Mizer sawmills, completely redesigned from the ground up based on the feedback and needs of sawyers from all over the world. The LX100 sawmill is built for heavy and continuous sawmilling use and features many innovations in strength, efficiency, ease of use, and operator visibility.

LX100 - New xFRAME design
A new innovation is the rigid xFRAME that holds the control panel, the motor, and the sawmill head. The xFRAME travels on side-by-side tandem steel bars of the bed. The xFRAME allows the operator to stand in a position with better visibility during the cutting process.


The rigid new xFRAME holds the control panel, the motor, and the sawmill head.

LX100 - Operation
The sawmill controls are centrally located on the Operator Control Panel. A wide, easy-grip handle functions as a push bar for the sawmill if purchased without the optional power feed. For faster production, power feed control can be added to precisely control the sawmill speed as it cuts through the log. The power feed system is driven on a heavy-duty chain, faster and more durable than other methods.

No manual cranking is needed to raise or lower the blade position. The up/down switch moves the powered sawmill head into place for the next cut. With the Optional Setworks, just set a board size and with one button, the sawmill repositions automatically for each cut.

Keeping sap and sawdust from building up on the blade is easier with automatic blade lubrication that activates when the blade is engaged, and turns off when the blade stops.


The sawmill controls and optional Setworks are centrally located on the Operator Control Panel.

LX100 bed – New design built for extreme endurance
The LX100 bed is an entirely new design that is engineered to withstand continuous and heavy use with thicker steel in the tubes and cross sections. The bed rails are higher than the side tubes, so that it is easy to load logs onto the bed with a forklift, without dropping the logs onto the sawmill.

The LX100 cuts logs up to 70 cm in diameter and of any length by adding additional modular bed sections. The LX series, like all Wood-Mizer sawmills, are produced both in the USA and Europe, and meet all safety requirements for the respective markets.

LX100 Specifications
- 7.5 kW standard (16 Amps normal usage)
-  11 kW optional (25 Amps normal usage)
Cutting Specs
- 70cm log diameter
- 64 cm max width of cut
- 5.4 m – 8.1 m log length (depending on the bed segment size)
Standard features
- Electric up/down
- Electric blade guide
- Automatic blade lubrication
Optional features
- Power feed
- Debarker
- Setworks


The new xFRAME travels on side-by-side tandem steel bars of the bed.


The improved log clamp with a new attachment for easily clamping the last board to cut.


The log clamp is always held up out of the dirt and within easy reach when you need it.


This attachment allows more precise clamping of cants and thinner planks.

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