SP591 LX G3 lands in SA

March 14, 2016

Logmech Technical Specialist Andrew Ayliffe with the new SP591 LX G3 in Zululand.

The first of the new generation SP591 LX eucalyptus harvesting heads has landed in South Africa, and has been put to work in a DS Preen contracting operation in Zululand.

The SP591 LX G3 is – as the name implies – the third generation of the reliable SP591s that are used extensively in eucalyptus harvesting operations in South Africa, Australia and South-East Asia.
Leon van Eeden of  Logmech, who distribute the SP heads in South Africa, says the G3 has not been re-designed, but is the same reliable head with a few important improvements. These include an upgraded computer system with touch screen functionality, and better protection for the hoses and saw unit. These improvements have made the head even more robust, with easier access and reduced maintenance.

The G3 comes with two different frame options - A and E. A is optimised for harvesting of difficult and crooked compartments, and the E is optimised for straight trees and easier to debark species. It also comes with a separate length measuring unit as an option for operations requiring very accurate length measuring capability.

Leon says that Logmech has played a big role in the design and development of the SP591 LX which is widely used in eucalyptus harvesting operations in South Africa, as have his counterparts in Australia and South-East Asia. He says it is built tough with bolt-on components and high quality materials, pins and bushes.

A key aspect of the SP591 LX is that the hydraulic flow through the head has been optimized which means it maintains power and speed when mounted on a 20-ton excavator. This contributes to reduced overheads and operating costs, while maintaining a high level of productivity.

Logmech’s Technical Specialist, Andrew Ayliffe, says that his team has a direct line of communication with SPs top management and engineers. The improved protection for the hydraulic hoses and saw on the G3 are just two improvements made by SP following inputs from the Logmech team.

Leon says that the SP591s are purpose-built for eucalyptus harvesting in the southern hemisphere, and are a big departure for the Swedish built heads which were traditionally great de-limbers but not great de-barkers.

“The SP591 LX has excellent contact with the timber via three rollers for faster passes and more effective de-barking,” said Leon. “It’s perfectly suited to a 20-ton excavator, and has proved its reliability in South African conditions.”

The SP 591 LX G3 is optimised for best productivity and performance handling tree sizes from 10 to 35 cm and is equally productive working in a CTL application as it is processing decked wood out of a pile.



The SP 591 LX G3 being put through its paces in Zululand, mounted on a 20-ton excavator. Andrew Ayliffe (Logmech) and Brett Swart (DS Preen contracting) keep a close eye on its performance.


The SP591 LX G3 debarking gum in Zululand

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