Taking fleet management to the next level

September 3, 2019

Husqvarna Fleet Services is a cloud-based service that enables land managers, landscapers and/or foresters to keep track of their power equipment out in the field, in the equipment store or workshop.

Fleet Services is a solution that collects data on equipment usage and performance to help managers increase productivity, sustainability and operator well-being.

The service works off a small wireless sensor (data collector) that can be attached to outdoor power equipment. The sensor uploads machine data to the cloud where it is analysed and processed providing relevant info re maintenance, machine usage, operator health and safety, etc.

Fleet Services will let you know when a machine needs to be serviced or if spare parts need to be ordered from the dealer, allowing for a proactive maintenance approach thus maximising uptime.

It also takes into account operators and their safety by calculating vibration exposure levels and providing tips on better ways to work.

It communicates through an online portal for managers and technicians, and a smartphone app for operators out in the field.

The wireless sensor collects data on every piece of equipment in the fleet.

The online portal is where all collected data is aggregated for analysis, and can show both broad trends – as well as specific data on a set of machines or even down to a specific engine session.

The smartphone app is focused on aiding the team working in the field. It supports on-site operations and provides the landscaping team with information on the work order on the map, customer list, and even the ability to capture and submit new business opportunities.

The Husqvarna Fleet Services machine sensor has been specially designed for Husqvarna commercial lawn and garden products such as mowers, trimmers, backpack blowers, hedge-trimmers and chainsaws.

For 3rd party machines, a smaller set of Data subscriptions will be made available.

Hardware comprises a sensor for each machine, an optional operator tag and a base station to transmit the data to the cloud. All collected data is accessed via an online portal or a mobile application.

Jenna Robinson, tel: 033 846 9700 email:

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