Wood-Mizer TITAN wideband sawmilling product range announced

October 21, 2016

Wood-Mizer TITAN’s twin and quad vertical primary breakdown saw range achieves equal open face cuts in a fast, precise and robust way.

Wood-Mizer Holdings is proud to announce that it has acquired the wideband sawmill equipment range of South Africa-based Multisaw, which will now be known as Wood-Mizer TITAN.

Best known as a leading supplier of thin-kerf, narrowband sawmills since the 1980s, Wood-Mizer has significantly broadened its reach into the wideband industrial sawmill manufacturing and supply arena in the past decade.

The recent agreement between Wood-Mizer and Multisaw will now strengthen Wood-Mizer’s ability to design and manufacture innovative wideband sawmilling solutions that will extend the corporation’s reach in the wide and narrow band sawmilling arenas further.

Wood-Mizer’s purchase of the Intellectual Property Rights (IP) of Multisaw’s wideband sawmill equipment range and the phased transition of the manufacturing processes to Wood-Mizer’s global manufacturing network, holds a number of benefits for current and future Wood-Mizer TITAN sawmill owners.

The synergies from Wood-Mizer and Multisaw’s combined know-how in the narrow and wide band saw arenas, will result in a new generation of sawmilling solutions that is set to revolutionise the global sawmilling industry.

Plans are also far advanced to offer TITAN wideband products and services to Wood-Mizer’s global customer base through the company’s international network of representatives.

This will give Wood-Mizer TITAN owners the assurance of Wood-Mizer approved customer service and after sale support.

After-sales service support including radically up-scaled spare part inventories and new supply and technical support team networks in existing and emerging markets are set to decrease downtime and ramp up productivity.

Timeframes for commissioning new installations, the maintenance of existing lines together with the technical training of mill personnel will also benefit from the added capacity that is now available globally.


The Wood–Mizer TITAN Resaw range offers ultra fast (<80 m/min) feedspeeds and on-the-fly size change capacity combined with high throughput and the stability-of-cut that 32 to 150 mm wide blade sizes provide for.

The TITAN Range
TITAN wideband machines will greatly expand Wood-Mizer’s available products, which will now consist of three distinct product lines, each geared towards the specific volume and budget requirements of the end-user.

Wood-Mizer’s Orange sawmill range continues to provide sawmilling solutions for entry level through to professional sawmillers, while Wood-Mizer’s Green range will now focus on narrowband industrial sawmilling solutions. TITAN products are heavy-duty, and built-tough wideband sawmilling solutions for high-throughput industrial sawmilling applications.

Each TITAN product is designed to operate as standalone unit that can be used in existing sawmilling lines or form an entire sawmilling line that can be customized to the requirements of the end-user.

The range provides for primary and secondary log breakdown capacity across a range of log diameters varying from 100-800 mm in diameter. Blade widths on TITAN machines vary between 32 mm and 150 mm, depending on configuration.

The Titan products include horizontal and vertical primary and secondary log breakdown sawmills and resaws, circular saw edgers, multirips, and material handling equipment.


Wood-Mizer TITAN’s Circular Multirip and Edger range provides for built-tough, no-nonsense industrial strength secondary breakdown capacity.

TITAN Bandsaws
•    Twin vertical primary breakdown head rigs
•    Resaws

TITAN Circular saws
•    Multi-rips
•    Optimising board edgers
•    Manual edgers

International and National representation
Existing and future TITAN customers in Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA will find immediate benefit in the newly forged partnership between Wood-Mizer and Multisaw.

Wood-Mizer’s worldwide sales and service network will now be actively involved in the sale and support of existing and new Wood-Mizer TITAN installations.

Additional sales and service points in South Africa, Africa and around the world will greatly expand spare parts availability through conveniently located service centres.

Reduced downtime, improved productivity and the convenience of having approved and trained technicians available to service and repair machines, are some of the benefits that Titan customers can expect from the expanded service network that Wood-Mizer now offers.

In South Africa, existing and new Titan customers can depend on Wood-Mizer’s proven sales and technical service support network.


Wood-Mizer TITAN’s T-AE Optimising Edger uses optical scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste edging of boards.

Visit woodmizerafrica.com and follow Wood-Mizer on Facebook.com/woodmizerafrica and Instagram @woodmizerafrica.

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