Wooden Street Art in Jo'burg

April 20, 2015


A street artist by the name 'r1' has used recycled wood to create a beautiful mural in Maboneng, Johannesburg, proving that the uses of this incredible natural resource really are limitless.

"The idea was to breathe new life into a neglected wall by installing 120 wooden panels on its facade," explains r1. "The reclaimed wood was sourced from local informal businesses. The wood was treated and varnished, then rearranged into geometric shapes. The mural includes over a thousand steal industrial bolts. The length of the mural stretches over 20 meters by 2.5 in height."

The artwork was done for a new grocery store called Betty Fox, situated in an area known for pioneering urban regeneration in South Africa. Maboneng, meaning 'Place of Light', is a privately developed neighbourhood in the Johannesburg CBD, where restaurants, venues, apartments, stores and hotels have recently been established.


* Videographer: Jabulani Khwela. Music: Khruang Bin - A Calf Born In Winter. Edited by r1. Created by r1. Images supplied

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