Impact Block measures shock load of branches during felling

September 14, 2016


Tree surgeons and professionals from the arboriculture industry have welcomed the development of a new technology that measures the shock load and weight of branches as they are cut during felling or maintenance.

The Impact Block load cell is manufactured in partnership with tree safety equipment pioneer DMM and contains electronics and software from force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment specialist Straightpoint.

The Impact Block can fill gaps in knowledge about the forces put through rigging equipment and the weight of loads as they are cut away from trees. It is also a useful training device as it is a practical, onsite tool for the sector.

Unlike crane-related or other typical rigging scenarios, in tree applications professionals do not always have an anchor point above the lifting point. If only the stem and canopy of a spruce tree remains, for example, a rope break may have to be attached to the bottom of the tree from where a rope and pulley will connect to the piece being cut.

Utilising wireless dynamic load monitoring electronics and strain gauge technology, real time data can be displayed on a handheld controller, tablet or laptop. This eliminates the estimation work that often goes into arborist applications.

It is anticipated that the Impact Block will be of particular interest to tree professionals in countries where utilities equipment and power lines are more commonly above ground. Uptake is also expected from large contractors and those engaged in arborist-related training.

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