Innovative designer grows furniture

July 7, 2015

Eco-furniture designer Gavin Munro on his farm north of Derby, England. Image sourced © Fabio De Paola

UK eco-designer, Gavin Munro, has a unique way of making furniture... He specializes in training trees to grow into surreal pieces of furniture without any joins.

On his 2.5 acre farm north of Derby, England, Gavin grows oak, willow, ash, and sycamore trees and uses plastic moulds to guide them into specific shapes. From there, they are carefully ‘sculpted’ into artistic chairs, lighting, mirror frames, and tables under his company Full Grown.


Image sourced © Full Grown

Munro's trade is one of perseverance and patience. It can take between four and eight years for a single piece to reach its full form and after nine years of getting his company off the ground – his first harvest is expected this October.

Although 'growing' furniture can be seen throughout history with the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and the Chinese growing stools and chairs; the ancient art may be even more relevant today with innovators across the board seeking more eco-friendly alternatives in all spheres of life...

Read more about the process and intricacies of this innovative art form here.

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