Mechanised harvesting & transport course offered

October 8, 2015


The Forest Engineering Summer School is offering a comprehensive three-week course at the NMMU George Campus that covers the full scope of harvesting, roads and transport activities.

The course, which will take place from 23 November to 11 December 2015, targets practitioners (forest managers/experts and contractors), researchers, academics, and equipment manufacturer staff.

The course covers all aspects of the forest engineering value chain, and leaves the participant with a set of tools to apply in the work environment.

Participants are taught how the five key performance areas can be effectively controlled in the logging working environment, namely:-

•    Safety and health
•    Productivity
•    Environment
•    Quality
•    Social aspects

The course includes a weekend of innovation coaching, team building and leadership – a critical part of being a competent forest engineer in today’s fast-paced and high performance environment.

Course lecturers:-
Michal Brink – Forestry consultant and trainer
Andrew McEwan – Forest engineering lecturer, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Janie Brooks – Harvesting machine operator instructor
Louis van Dyk – Leadership and team building consultant
Simon Shackleton – Head of sales and marketing, Asia-Pacific & Africa, John Deere
Norbert Schalkz – Director Asia-Pacific & Africa, Ponsse
Gary Olsen - Tigercat

For more info, contact Michal Brink, email:


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