PlantSnap – identify any plant with your phone

January 12, 2018

Have you ever been 'stumped' when trying to identify a tree in your garden? Or have you ever discovered a delicious looking fruit and wondered whether or not it's edible? Well thanks to this futuristic phone app, PlantSnap, you can now identify any plant in a matter of seconds – from flowers and trees to succulents and mushrooms, cacti and more!

Get the app at iTunes if you're on Apple, or at Google Play if you're on Android.

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6 years ago

Great idea! However, 'every plant on the planet is our database'? I would love to take this to the Amazonia.

Michelle Solomon
Michelle Solomon
2 years ago

Please tell me what this is

Lezanne Rossouw
Lezanne Rossouw
11 months ago

My friends Shrub in KZN area Kloof is dying off, any ID on the name of the shrub. And some Catterpillars have been spotted: Blood red acracae. Thank you in advance for assistance. And any ideas on how to save schrub?

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