Awesome bike trails in Stellenbosch


One of the many added benefits of commercial forests is the opportunity to use them for recreational activities... from biking and hiking to photography and birding. Here's a video to inspire you to get out into the wilderness and conquer some of the awesome singletrack that South Africa has to offer!

In this episode of Destination Trail, international riders Hannah Barnes and Miranda Miller explore the incredible trails of Stellenbosch. A vast network of trails have existed here since the '90s, but after a massive fire scorched much of the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve in 2015. Fresh funding has enabled the rejuvenated existing trails and laid the groundwork for new ones, making the area a world-class biking destination.

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With the onset of what promises to be a cold winter, this photo provides a timely reminder of what happens to wattle trees when it snows. No! It’s not a good idea to plant wattle if snow is a possibility. The only thing you could use these broken trees for is firewood. The photo was taken near Weza a few years ago. Find out more about trees and snow... Link in bio. #trees #wood #forestry #timber #logging #forestryafrica #wattle #snow ...

Mulching of harvest residues is rapidly gaining ground in South African forestry, and is proving to be a game changer. Link in bio. Image courtesy of Savithi Mulching.

#SavithiMulching #forestry #timber #wood #tigercat

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