New TimberPro harvester & forwarder in SA

February 26, 2020

The powerful TimberPro TL 725 D harvester.

TimberPro’s new generation D-series harvesters and forwarders have landed in South Africa and are hard at work in KwaZulu-Natal.

The machines are distributed and supported in SA by Logmech.

The TimberPro TL 725 D is a tracked, levelling harvester, currently harvesting pine in the KZN midlands. It is equipped with a SP 761 LF head, ideal for efficient handling of the pine growing on the slopes above Midmar dam.

New features include a bigger, more spacious operator cab with improved visibility, more power and stability all round and a different engine orientation which provides easier access to key service points.

TF 840 D-series forwarder

The TF 840 D-series forwarder has widened the bunk area to maximise the payload at 20 tons plus without compromising stability.

The new TF 840 D-series forwarder is hauling eucalyptus logs from infield to the roadside depot near Mtunzini in Zululand in very wet and slippery ground conditions.

The Logmech team has widened the bunk area to maximise the payload at 20 tons plus without compromising stability, a big feature of the TimberPro machines.

Another unique attribute is the 360 degree revolving cab which enables the operator to work all around the machine with excellent visibility while always facing his work. The machine can load or place logs on both sides, over the back or front of the machine with equal efficiency.

SP 661 E One-pass head

The SP 661 E one-pass harvesting head was originally developed by the SP team for use in Brazil.

The D-series forwarder is working alongside a converted excavator equipped with SP’s specialised ‘one-pass’ harvesting head, the SP 661 E.

This head was originally developed by the SP team for use in Brazil, and has now been deployed in SA for one-pass harvesting for Mondi.

It has two big feed rollers that are slightly angled in to improve the grip on the tree without increasing pressure. The aim of one-pass harvesting is to improve productivity and reduce stem damage during the de-barking and de-limbing process.

“The SP661 E is designed for one task only – one pass debarking of plantation grown eucalyptus.” Says Leon van Eeden of Logmech, who provide technical support and backup for the TimberPro harvesting machines and SP heads.

Enquiries: Leon van Eeden, Logmech

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2 years ago

I used to use timber pro forwarder a powerful machine, but now I'm using tiger cat. I would love to use it again, notify me if someone need operator 10 years experience I know both machines harverster and forwarder

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