Fire Management Symposium draws fire experts to Southern Cape

July 25, 2018

The School of Natural Resource Management of the Nelson Mandela University is hosting a Fire Management Symposium at the George campus in the Southern Cape from 3-5 October 2018.

The event aims to streamline the efforts of natural resource managers, engineers and scientists through an integrated approach.

The symposium is being held in the Southern Cape, which experienced the worst fires in the history of South Africa on 7 June 2017. Hence the Symposium theme: ‘Ecosystems based fire management for effective disaster risk reduction’.

The programme includes presentations by top rated fire management specialists who will share their expertise in a very practical and applied manner. Internationally renowned fire scientist Prof Dave Neal will deliver the key note address and will be supported by local fire specialists such as Prof Winston Trollope, Richard Cowling and others, as well as specialists from leading forestry companies in South Africa.

The 2nd day of the event will provide the opportunity to visit the Knysna area that was devastated in the June 2017 fires, hosted by the Southern Cape Fire Protection Association. A range of service providers and equipment manufacturers will also be part of the field day.

Enquiries:; 044-8015024; or; 044-8015091.

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