Career letters to the editor

September 14, 2011

SAF career booklet

Dear Editor

We handed out your Forestry Careers booklet to each teacher who visited us to use for their schools career advice, and a couple to a few students who showed a genuine interest in forestry. If at all possible we will want to have more booklets for future career events planned, because this is the most informative booklet about forestry that I have ever seen!

Thanks again for your support.
- Pierre Smit, Forestry Manager, Sappi, Sudwala District

Good day Mr Chapman
My name is Nonkululeko Ntinga. I am currently a first year Forestry student at the University of Stellenbosch. I had a look at the career magazine that was in the previous issue. I must compliment you on the great work that you have done, I wish there were books like these when I was in matric.

I am also an alumni for an organisation called Protec PMB. This non-profit organisation provides extra Maths, Physical Science, English and World of Works for learners who go to disadvantaged high schools. Through Protec, I actually realised that I could pursue a career in forestry, and was even able to receive a Mondi bursary.

I write this email to ask if Protec could get a few copies of the career booklet to distribute to the matric learners.
- Nonkululeko Ntinga

Good day Chris
My name is Mohau Molefe, a partner in Forestry & General Insurance Brokers. As Forestry & General, we provide insurance risk advisory and product services to forestry contractors in the country.

I appreciate the great intervention being made by SA Forestry magazine in exposing our industry to young people as one worth entering. As an individual outside of our business, I do a lot of work with young people to expose them to differing industries. I have found your Forestry Career Booklet very informative and wish to request your permission to scan it and distribute the booklet to the youth networks with which I partner. SA Forestry magazine would be acknowledged as the author of the content distributed and this would be requested with all other distributions.

I would be truly glad if we find young people entering forestry through interventions such as your Forestry Careers Booklet. n
- Mohau Molefe, Forestry & General

Published in June 2011

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