Just throw, wait and grow

Seedballs makes reforestation in Kenya cheap, easy and fun... Deforestation is a growing problem in Kenya, as it is in

‘Land of Smoke and Fire’

Reflections on the Southern Cape and Tsitsikamma wildfire disaster By Theo Stehle ‘Land of smoke and fire’ ... this is

Champion Trees on the agenda

The National Champion Tree Evaluation Panel held its annual meeting in Mpumalanga in June, and added five new Champion Trees

Upgraded Green Flag Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail

The recently upgraded Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail, which has achieved Green Flag Status, provides hikers with a unique and challenging five-day

Turning forest and landscape restoration into business

By Douglas McGuire, Coordinator of the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM), FAO Ravaged landscapes, parched riverbeds and destitute communities.

Celebrating 125 years in the timber business

George Parkes & Sons, Knysna-based suppliers of indigenous hardwood and softwood timber, has survived wars, global financial crises and natural

Managing fire in natural grasslands

Managing fire to maintain healthy conservation areas and protect plantation trees.... By Dr Liza Joubert-van der Merwe, Mondi Ecological Wetland

Trees as social beings

A new documentary film explores the idea that trees are in fact social beings that communicate with one another through

Honey harvesting and forest protection in West Timor

New research shows that the annual harvesting of wild honey may be one of the most sustainable and effective governance

Southern Cape forests survive largely unchanged for centuries

Forests are found in areas that receive annual rainfall ranging between 525 mm and 1220 mm. But if you look

The ups and downs of aerial reforestation

Aerial reforestation is a farming technique where trees and other crops are planted by being dropped from an aeroplane. The

The ‘Heart of Africa’ is beating in an FSC-certified concession

While on assignment in the north of Congo in October, I came across the vehicles of one of Africa’s most

Ecological Networks: saving space for species in production landscapes

By Lize Joubert-van der Merwe This is the first of a series of articles sharing key findings of on-going research

Greenpop reforest fest

Every year Greenpop, a tree-planting and social development organisation, activates a reforestation festival in the ancient Platbos Forest in the

Tree city

by Samora Chapman Trees are more resilient than concrete. They can live for thousands of years, while civilizations are built

FSC news: certification, strategies and untouched forests

Certification growing in Africa The perception that natural resources in Africa are being stripped and consumed wholesale by developed economies

Sleep in a treehouse this summer

This astonishing urban treehouse (above) in Turin, Italy, uses 150 trees to protect its residents from noise and pollution. The

Climbing giants

David Wiles and Drew Bristow are the founders of a group of tree enthusiasts aiming to explore, conserve and document

Forests most at risk of deforestation

This interactive story map takes readers on a visual journey to 11 of the world’s most 'at risk' forests, from

Ozwathini – Community forest certification

This film shows the challenges faced by a community of small-scale plantation owners in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, as they look

More than trees

The world's forests must be recognized as "more than trees", the XIV World Forestry Congress meeting in Durban, South Africa,

WFC day two: Conservation, sustainability and job creation

The world's forestry community got down to the serious work of plotting a sustainable future for people and trees yesterday

Stop deforestation before it’s too late

Day One of the long-awaited World Forestry Congress kicked off at Durban’s International Convention Centre with an impressive march-past by

Landscape approach to forest conservation

With reference to the article ‘Does natural forest size really matter’, published in the February 2013 issue of SA forestry magazine, written by Dr. Coert J. Geldenhuys, Dr Geldenhuys makes both direct, and indirect reference to my PhD thesis (Berliner 2009): a systematic plan for the forest biome of South Africa. The discussion below refers both directly and indirectly to these references...

With the onset of what promises to be a cold winter, this photo provides a timely reminder of what happens to wattle trees when it snows. No! It’s not a good idea to plant wattle if snow is a possibility. The only thing you could use these broken trees for is firewood. The photo was taken near Weza a few years ago. Find out more about trees and snow... saforestryonline.co.za Link in bio. #trees #wood #forestry #timber #logging #forestryafrica #wattle #snow ...

Mulching of harvest residues is rapidly gaining ground in South African forestry, and is proving to be a game changer. Link in bio. Image courtesy of Savithi Mulching.

#SavithiMulching #forestry #timber #wood #tigercat

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