Amandla Emvelo CPA steps up a gear

Amandla Emvelo CPA, a community owned and managed tree farming enterprise based in Hermannsburg, KZN, has recently upgraded its forestry

New TimberPro harvester & forwarder in SA

TimberPro’s new generation D-series harvesters and forwarders have landed in South Africa and are hard at work in KwaZulu-Natal. The

Slow but steady as forestry takes root in E Cape

The potential for forestry to bring sustainable jobs and economic development to remote rural areas of the Eastern Cape (former

The ups and downs of forestry contracting in SA

Delegates who attended the SAFCA 30 year Anniversary event held in the KZN midlands in mid-November got a glimpse of

New fertiliser tablet for forestry

I-CAT has officially released the Plant’nGo fertiliser tablet, an effective fertiliser alternative for the forestry market. Plant’NGo is a slow-release

Siyawisa Hlathi at the leading edge of mechanised harvesting

An enterprising spirit, enduring perseverance and an ability to change with the times have seen an emerging timber harvesting contractor

Virtual Reality – the future of chainsaw training

Trainee chainsaw operators will soon be able to use a virtual reality (VR) application to test their theoretical knowledge and

Small-scale wattle farmer maximises productivity

The NCT Tree Farmer of the Year is an award that was initiated in 2000 to recognise NCT members who

NCT’s Commercial Tree Farmer of the Year 2019

The NCT Tree Farmer of the Year is an award that was initiated in 2000 to recognise NCT members who

KRC Farming planning 25 years ahead

Visiting the KRC farm in Mpumalanga, a few kms from Iswepe, one is immediately struck by the well kept fields,

Technology takes forestry 
to the next level

Use technology to work smart, improve productivity, health and safety, and take the donkey work out of those repetitive, mindless

Big Tigercat wheeled harvester on the prowl

If you spot a large, unfamiliar looking wheeled machine effortlessly cutting timber in South Africa’s forests, you’re not seeing things.

Tigercat 1185 Harvester in action

Check out the new Tigercat 1185 wheeled harvester in action in Richmond, KZN. It's the first harvester of it's kind

The missing link in mechanised harvesting

The missing link in traditional steep slope harvesting systems has been the mechanized felling of trees on steep slopes. This

Remembering the good old days

If REMINISCENCE is a sign of old age, there must be a lot of old codgers in the forestry industry.

Meeting the challenges of one pass processing

Mondi Forests has been on a mission to reduce the number of passes that harvesting heads are required to de-limb,

Forest Operations Productivity Initiative

Using good data to support your forest operations Stellenbosch University in conjunction with the South African Forest industry has

Versatile Husqvarna pruner reaches new heights

In the future, and in line with Husqvarna’s Silent Nature™ philosophy, the world will have more eco-friendly green spaces, and

Precision planting the first step to autonomous, integrated operations

By Jaap Steenkamp In the past, foresters were typically rough, bearded, axe-wielding men. But today they need to be

Tree size the biggest driver of harvesting costs

By Andrew McEwan I often ask people during harvesting training and consulting what they think is the most important

Woman wins Top Small-Scale Tree Farmer award

When mother of two Maureen Buyisile Mdunge’s husband passed away in 2006, she stepped into his shoes and took over

Timber, poles and people

NCT’s top commercial farmer gets it right Farming can be a stressful business, and farmers in SA face many challenges

Harvesting a virtual forest

FSA, in collaboration with industry partners, is busy developing a ‘virtual reality’ application that gives trainee chainsaw operators a chance

Reducing fuel loads inside timber compartments

Under-canopy, inter-row mulching, is gaining momentum in South Africa, as a means of reducing fuel loads, eliminating old stumps and

With the onset of what promises to be a cold winter, this photo provides a timely reminder of what happens to wattle trees when it snows. No! It’s not a good idea to plant wattle if snow is a possibility. The only thing you could use these broken trees for is firewood. The photo was taken near Weza a few years ago. Find out more about trees and snow... Link in bio. #trees #wood #forestry #timber #logging #forestryafrica #wattle #snow ...

Mulching of harvest residues is rapidly gaining ground in South African forestry, and is proving to be a game changer. Link in bio. Image courtesy of Savithi Mulching.

#SavithiMulching #forestry #timber #wood #tigercat

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