The ups and downs of aerial reforestation

Aerial reforestation is a farming technique where trees and other crops are planted by being dropped from an aeroplane. The

Tigercat 610C the lynchpin of steep slope harvesting

With 300 employees, (including hand-fellers, peelers and stackers) and eight sets of tractor-trailer short-haul transport systems, Grant Rankin has been

SP591 LX G3 lands in SA

The first of the new generation SP591 LX eucalyptus harvesting heads has landed in South Africa, and has been put

York opts for Ponsse harvesting system

York Timbers has embarked upon a process of mechanising cut-to-length thinnings and clearfell operations at its Jessievale plantation in the

A glimpse into future possibilities for steep slope logging …

Adapted from an article by Paul Iarocci, Between the Branches Eric Krume is the owner of Krume Logging & Excavation

Challenges of forestry in Zululand – ICFR Zululand Field Day

Forestry in the Zululand region came under the spotlight at a recent ICFR field day held at the Town Hall

It’s not a logger or a skidder – it’s a Skogger

Local manufacturer Matriarch Equipment is making serious inroads into the forestry equipment market with the release of three new products

Case study: Legal dispute over a harvesting contract

A dispute between a harvesting contractor and plantation owner over timber volumes ended up in a costly court case that

Felling & logging Redwoods in 1940!

Check out how the foresters of the 1940s felled and logged giant Californian Redwoods using little more than sharp axes,

New purpose-built forestry excavators land in SA

Loggers working the high-yield plantations of Mpumalanga are getting their first glimpse of the ultra-efficient logging capabilities of the new

More power, more durability, more productivity

John Deere’s new generation skidders bring more power, more operator comfort, more durability and lower cost per tonne productivity to

Innovation in steep slope harvesting

Steep slope harvesting innovations on show. Harvesting operations in steeper terrain have seen exponential growth in the last few years.

Mechanisation changing the face of forestry

New machines transforming forestry operations in South Africa

KISS planting regime for pine sawlogs production

With the traditional spacing for pine sawlog production, trees situated next to the roads are usually thicker (have more volume)

‘Chain Shot’ safety tips for mechanised harvesting

Chain shot typically originates near the drive end of the cutting system, but can also originate from the guide bar tip area. In either case, it poses the same risk of serious injury or death to the machine operator, ground personnel and bystanders.

Skidder operations under the microscope

Cable and grapple skidder travel speeds, wander rations and productivity estimates in South African Softwood sawtimber extraction operations

How much fibre is left in-field after harvesting?

Fibre losses from harvesting are a mystery no longer for South African softwood clearfell systems. A study published by Ackerman and Pulkki (2012) has examined the issue with startling results

Maximising synergy between harvesting and re-establishment

Harvesting and silviculture synergy to improve the South African forest industry value chain

AfrEquip adds Morbark to its already impressive equipment line-up

AfrEquip (Pty) Ltd is rapidly becoming a pace-setter in forestry mechanisation solutions in southern Africa with the addition of another

SP heads gaining ground in SA and Brazil

SP has signed its largest single order ever – for 30 units of the SP 591 LX G2 harvester heads.

Log Max E6 proves its mettle in KZN

The Log Max E6 harvesting head is proving to be a rugged and reliable piece of equipment that is more

Mechanised pitting machine in the spotlight

Mechanisation of silviculture operations is the next major development phase in the forestry industry. Factors driving this development include safety

Bosbok Ontginning keeps the timber flowing

Bosbok Ontginning has developed a highly successful mechanised harvesting operation in the Mpumalanga highveld with an innovative and disciplined approach

Silviculture of three Millettia tree species from African forests and woodlands

Three timber species from different parts of Africa show that the response of species to tree harvesting and the sites of their active regeneration often provide the guidance to effective silvicultural management...

Mulching of harvest residues is rapidly gaining ground in South African forestry, and is proving to be a game changer. Link in bio. Image courtesy of Savithi Mulching.

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