WWF’s New Generation Plantations initiative comes to Africa

The world's natural forests are in trouble, and with demand for global wood supply set to triple by 2050, the troubles are only just beginning.

How is climate change affecting your plantation?

Analysis of weather trends in the forestry areas of South Africa shows that warmer temperatures and more erratic rainfall patterns are already a reality.

Pine vs Fynbos

Neels de Ronde tackles the controversy raging over the recent call to remove plantations from the Western Cape by suggesting that there is room for fynbos AND pine...

Pioneering a new approach to wetland management

Mondi is introducing a new approach to wetland management that could serve as a model for other corporate landowners, and have significant impacts on other operational areas, including safety.

Pulpwood plantation as a carbon sink

The development of pulpwood plantations on degraded peat land, or land that had been stripped of natural forest, can contribute significantly to increased absorption of greenhouse gases

SANBI Grasslands Programme

Burning firebreaks in Ozwathini among small growers.

Support services for more efficient forestry

The area of forestry land stretching from Commondale through Piet Retief to Amsterdam is one of the largest concentrated plantation areas in South Africa.

Forestry leads the way in grasslands conservation

Forestry, often criticised in the media for falling short in its commitment to the environment, is leading the way in recognising and conserving areas of high biodiversity value

National FSC a step closer

South African forestry is at the forefront of efforts to protect the environment through responsible management practices, both internationally and

Pellet plant raises ‘green’ opportunities in South Africa

There are power plants and heating plants in Europe running on 'green' fuel shipped all the way from South Africa.

Conserving a biodiversity jewel in a KZN forestry estate

The Mt Gilboa Nature Reserve, situated in Mondi Shanduka's Mount Gilboa forestry estate in Karkloof, was proclaimed under the National

New Champion Trees discovered

A total of 44 trees have been declared as national Champion trees so far, and they are protected under the National Forests Act of 1998.

Saving South Africa’s upside down trees

Former forester Sarah Venter is putting her forestry and conservation knowledge to work with unique research in northern Limpopo to

Forestry and conservation - an unlikely partnership

Environmentalists and commercial foresters in South Africa frequently find themselves in different camps, pointing fingers at each other from opposite sides of the fence. So the pioneering partnership between the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and SiyaQhubeka Forests, is understandably confusing.

Biomass energy generation

With the seemingly ever-rising costs of electricity, coal and diesel it makes sense to look more closely at the use of forest biomass to provide for some of our energy needs.

Mulching of harvest residues is rapidly gaining ground in South African forestry, and is proving to be a game changer. Link in bio. Image courtesy of Savithi Mulching.

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